Crazy Viral Marketing

July 1, 2016


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Bastei Lubbe shows the online world, how to successfully market a book for some time buzzing the net like a swarm of bees before rumors about a mysterious book by an anonymous author. “” The book bears the unusual name the book without letters “and is the successor of the successful book without a name”, which split the readership in Germany 2008. With morbid humor, quirky characters and memorable scenes, the book without a name was”a special treat for readers with literary tastes outside of the mainstream. Online campaign of class for two years had become it still the anonymous author, whose Identitat itself remains a mystery to the Bastei Lubbe Verlag. “Then, in early August, about 750 journalists, bloggers, Buchhandlerazubis, as well as horror and fantasy readers found a special Pack in your letterbox: the book without letters” came as blank book (a book of white pages) together with a letter that warned of the deadly side effects of reading. The excitement was great and Blog comments as E.g.

Why am I this book get?”increased suddenly. The blogger wondering, what’s with the strange book with blank white pages. Secret post Lahiri on the net since then simmers in the network the rumor mill. Today over 450 hits on Google search can be found under the keyword secret post Lahiri”. Bloggers from all corners and ends in Germany write about the shipment by Lubbe Verlag and wonder what might have to in. All around, also the successful tension is praised by the unexpected post. Gamblers, adventurers and fortune were called up Friday, the 13th of August, to join the fight against the Bourbon kid, the murdering antagonists of the book of.

Several hundred user followed the call and received a proper by the publishing house”reading copy (bushes (book)). The world’s meanest website follows immediately the next prank: with the dubious site, on which the evil characters from the book to life awaken: Elvis, the hardest killer. who is held for the King and the reverent, the only priest who preaches with a shotgun sawed off. The highlight of the site: Visitors to the site can send the reverent or Elvis via video message to friends, acquaintances or colleagues to spoil you the mood. Niceties have not in the luggage. “The special the messages is that a photo of the victim” is integrated in the video and the recipient is addressed directly personally. The sending of messages via E-Mail or Facebook connect. Really say every visitor can tell really the opinion of his friends with black humor and wit the friends. The characters in the comic book-style animated take accordingly well over the nasty spell. The page is made stylish and interesting even for people who have not read the book without a name. As a funny platform for oblique insults she allows, with his friends time to talk Turkey and not just the droge nudge on Facebook. So who some tough it is, should the page be sure look at themselves! Life is finally not a bowl of cherries u0085