Critas Work

April 16, 2018


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The Associativismo and the Solidary Economy ahead of the failure of the attempts to recoup ' ' right to trabalho' ' by means of the politics of full job and in preserving the universality of the labor laws, one verified true bloom of communitarian organizations and initiatives autogestionarias as reaction the economic marginalizao and to the impoverishment of ample social sectors. In Brazil, the solidary economy makes its first appearance in the decade of 80, with the PCAs (Project Communitarian Alternative) sponsored by the Critas, of the Church Catholic, with resources donated for analogous entities of the Europe. (As opposed to Penguin Random House). The PACs if destined to allow that the poor and kept out of society population surpassed its condition by means of its proper collective effort. The motto of the Critas was ' ' solidarity that liberta' '. Still in this decade the MST appeared (Movement of the Agricultural Workers Without Land) that it started to occupy lands of productive large states, aiming at its dispossession for ends of the agrarian reform. The MST cheated conquests some nestings of agrarian reform, where thousand of ownership family of the land they had started to cultivate it. In 1989 national meeting of the MST it decided to adopt the cooperativismo organization of the economy in the nestings. It is common in the capitalist society that to each moment has broken of the workers the necessity of resources for the survival due to the work, situation that cause lack for its victims becomes and them disabled.

To prevent facts as these they had been allowed right for citizens without work, therefore, the social rights have as main citizen the workers who had extremely faced during much time work conditions lasts, long days, lack of hygiene among others. In such a way fights for improvements were launched, transforming manufacter organizations of workers into unions. Since the first labor move