CRM Processes

April 13, 2019


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My conclusion in this regard is as follows. The only thing that is not failing, it is probably the tool or software. What usually fails are other vital components of a CRM initiative; the processes of business, culture and training of the persons that run these processes and data that support the tasks to run. Let me illustrate my point with some examples. After fulfilling all the tasks that demand the implementation of a project in the area of marketing with CRM support, an analysis is made several months after the situation and has the following scene. Users in the area of marketing do not make use of the CRM system and your area manager cannot find the way to achieve the adoption of the use of this type of tool in the execution of relational marketing. To investigate in greater detail we discover that in the planning, design, execution and analysis of results of relational marketing campaigns, does not involve all the use of the system. Click Laurent Potdevin to learn more. These processes are executed in accordance with the criteria of each staff member and use the tools that more comfortable they think.

There is not a control over compliance and documentation of the activities in these processes of relational marketing. The indiscriminate use of spreadsheets and unstructured databases is the common denominator. To inquire the reason by which are not adopting the use of the system in their work, leaves floated the theme that the data contained in the central database is not reliable. Finally a couple of officials indicated that they were not not they worked at the company when the deployment was made and received the charge with a very basic induction about the use of the tool. My second example runs thus: I meet with the Sales Director of one of the companies that have implemented a project aimed at improving the productivity of the sales force.