Cuban Government

April 14, 2019


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Without Fidel Castro, whom the presidency in February of 2008 left, but with its constant presence through its habitual articles of press, the revolution arrives at the 50 years in one from more delicate moments of its existence and with the pending subject of the generational relief. Today two of the great flags of the revolution, the education and the health, are about to in prohibition in spite of the enormous efforts of the Government of this Caribbean country of 11.2 million dollars to free guarantee the social services to their population. Ebay recognizes the significance of this. It is not possible to be denied, for those who we identified ourselves with the democracy, that has great merits the armed warfare that began 50 years ago in the island and is very valid what declares, that the risky trajectory of the Cuban town in the way towards independence has moments summits in which the patriotic ones for all time demonstrated to anger and love, bravery and sensitivity, intelligence and humanism. In these territories of Granma, by where Cuban history began to dream up, many are today the samples that indicate the justeza of the cause defended with as much attachment to our Hymn and to National Ensea, by generations of compatriots, who did not let die martiano thought. Half century of that one glorious moment in that united the Cubans around Fidel to take the sky by assault, to touch the high levels of the freedom, to insufflate in all the Latin American nations the real possibility of being free. They are fifty years that the Cuban Government had, now under the direction of Raul I castrate to evaluate that as much it has advanced the country for its development, of its quality of life, what benefits have been obtained that they have favored that amount of years under the tutelaje of Fidel Castro, who has represented for Cuba in its progress, of course, he is due to be objective in its profits in relation to an extremely positive factor for any nation, like is to remove them from the shades of the ignorance, of the illiteracy that it is a praiseworthy work of the government, as well as its persistence in another factor that has advanced as it is in the health, until the end that the formation of their professionals has collaborated with those countries that they have required of doctors who help him to palear health problems.