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December 5, 2015


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However, the fluid, dynamic information and two-way exchange occurs with more development when social systems are more complex. The more often, this Exchange of information is very simple (a greeting, a casual conversation), sometimes it is more subtle but why not less transcendent (a look of approval or rejection, group isolation or social recognition) at all events, the preparation, issuance and receipt of messages is behind most of the social phenomena which surround us. For decades, the information theory has tried to quantify the magnitude of the impact of the exchange of information in the development of the social conglomerates; Despite the innumerable efforts that the social sciences have aimed at the achievement of that objective, it is in the exact sciences where there have been interesting findings that allow you to build a valid and verifiable substrate to the postulates of the theory of information. Studies on mutual information and correlation function (Li 1999) are an obligated referent for those wishing to delve further into that field. 2 Entropizacion of Venezuelan society.

Society and chaos. Turbulence political, social unrest, financial chaos, the whole society immersing themselves in a chaotic situation, transition to democracy or chaos, are expressions used increasingly recurrent way by political analysts and specialists in social sciences to try to explain developments of a society facing a deep crisis that is reproduced in all levels and spaces of the political frameworkeconomic, social and cultural of the country. An institutionally disjointed society which, however, shows some attempts to arrive at a new order emerged from the same chaotic condition in which it is located. In all the upheavals, in the revolutions of democracy, the people seeks to always increase its representativeness, while the Raggedy looking only for a man, a warlord who follow. We have stated previously, and we reaffirm here, that in social systems, as well as in natural systems, the presence and the consequential increase in entropy is an ongoing process.