Dolls: History Of The Toy Dolls

April 30, 2019


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There are Toys Dolls already since some Millennium dolls are among the oldest toys of humanity. Already in the stone age one made to smaller people, so that children could play it. Ebay: the source for more info. Dolls once again received a big boost in the middle ages, where they finally put through as children’s toys. Many people associate a significant part of her childhood in particular women with one or more dolls, and lovely memories are awake, if you today to speak on the topic. The creation time of the dolls is not so clearly to delineate. Doll is considered to be a figure that represents a person. One thing is clear, dolls are among the oldest toy at all.

The today’s main purpose is playing, but also collectors and souvenir hunters enjoy it. However, the first doll not to play were intended. They had to do with faith and culture. Various religions needed a doll for their cult. Already in the most distant early days of mankind, they found its beginnings in different cultures. Have been doing Materials used for the production, which were not destined for eternity.

So the first doll created from plants and other natural substances. The 8th century before Christ gave the so-called healing dolls and in ancient China, there was even the first straw dolls. In General, dolls over the course of time developed further. From corruptible substances were zeitlosere materials, such as terracotta. Some of the dolls produced from the late middle ages are preserved even today. So it came that the dolls from century to century not remaining in your development and were also more and more to be regarded as game object. The religious and magical purposes was lost in the course of time. The 15th century was probably decisive for a commercial production. The doll, which was now distributed in the trade, was now also official toy.