Earnings Contextual Advertising

March 2, 2016


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The most common way of earning on its website is contextual advertising. There are 3 main systems of contextual advertising, namely: 1.Google Adsens 2.Yandeks.Direkt 3.Begun All of them are very popular. But is there any of them good? Someone says that No, someone says that there is. The fact that this method will generate income with sufficient attendance of at least 50 unique visitors per day. If traffic to your site 10-20 unique visitors, then you have a very a long wait until the site generate revenue, if any it will bring. Say, Google AdSens, minimum payout is $ 100, as soon as you type them, you’ll be sent a check that you have cash in the bank for 6 months. Sometimes, even when a large attendance to gain the cherished amount have to wait months. About the runner, something concrete is difficult to say.

Some believe that the creators of . I can not agree, do not know. I can distinguish one plus runner, is that, unlike Adsense, money sent no check, with payment systems, and no restrictions on withdrawals. Yandex. Never used, not in terms of promotion, not in terms of earnings. The only thing that many believe this system is more powerful, and requirements for sites wishing to host a blog on direct, a tall.

The site should be placed on paid hosting, with the exception of a site hosted on a free Hosting Narod.ru. Minimum audience of 300 people. Not everyone can afford, in contrast to the same Google AdSens. A few tips on the way of earnings: 1. Place the block of content in a conspicuous place. In the design he write, Choose the appropriate color block. 2. One block should produce at least 2 ads. 3. It is not necessary to turn the site into the garbage, one or two blocks of content on the page is enough. 4. there will be thematic links. For example, if you have a website – message board, the ad unit will necessarily be linked to other boards. Let this little counter-advertising, but the visitor will go on a sponsored link. 5.Ne place contextual advertising on the site before time until it is little visited. This rule is for any site for any kind of earnings on it. Good luck!