Ecological Management

May 26, 2012


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In the final stage of our study on as to carry through an improvement in the questions of environment in this pet shop, that in them it takes the idea of the heading Ambient Management Versus pet Shoping, we evidence that a market niche that before seemed harmless the nature, now it can be responsible for the production of serious ambient problems when if it does not use of adequate techniques of preservation and that everything has a solution to reduce the impacts that the commerce and companies in way generality can cause the environment. However the ambient techniques if make necessary in the current days in view of the serious difficulties that our planet comes in the last few decades crossing due the lack of awareness of the humanity during some years, destroying the nature and producing catastrophes enormous as become of great scales, tsunamis tidal waves, global heating, glacier melting, increase of the water level of the sea, destruction of the fauna and flora amongst other series of ambient impacts of small great transport. Alerting and acquiring knowledge the people who are the small attitudes that make the biggest differences, to become a better world. All the attempt to preserve the nature is valid before the society, in view of that in a general way the people have increased its degree of ecological awareness in this finish century, the technological innovations has brought for us some collateral effect that are visible in the nature, for this reason believe that the preservation techniques must be applied the all the people, but with main approach in the polluting greaters that are in first place the great companies followed of the commerce in general until arriving at our homes. Thus each one making its part and giving the contribution for the environment, as shoping is the case of pet that we analyze I begin that it seemed ecologically harmless, but after a study I sink presented points to be corrected making an innovative management.