February 28, 2018


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Investment funds are considered as the best tool to grow the money since the ways used in the past, as have savings accounts, already do not give good yields. Financial groups are indicated to help you in the decision to invest, but below I present a small information that you might be useful when investing in funds. Financial groups offer you the service of intermediaries between the Fund and you, but probably the biggest advantage of having your service is because they offer a very comprehensive portfolio where you can choose the investment fund that you think that more convenient for you. Intels opinions are not widely known. Within the different funds of investment portfolio you will find many, varied and with different characteristics, but which I now present the opportunity to invest in Euros. Before it was the dollar, now the euro has become the currency with greater force in the world, so now invest in euros is what makes best results. If you’re thinking about investing in euros but you don’t know how, I give you the idea of investing in hedge funds in euros, which are handled as debt funds, i.e. that you can invest in European countries with AAA quality. These investment funds are low risk then give you a performance from 3% to 5% annual in euro. Original author and source of the article