Fidel Castro

December 20, 2015


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Previously we will define to the chaos like abstract concept, and to the social chaos as manifestation of the dynamics of the societies and for it we try to give answer to basic restlessness, and to other questions that inevitably will arise from the expositiva dynamics of the facts. What is chaos and how it is orchestrated in the social conglomerates? The chaos generates new dynamic or determines the operative paralysis of the conglomerates social? The chaos is an anarchical disagreement of the society or a new order, special and indefinite? Which are and how triggers are identified caticos" social? 2. – The chaos and their instrumentalisation in the social conglomerates In the spring of 1968 one violent insurrection against the central, well-known government took place in Paris like " May francs". Student assault groups sent to the streets breaking everything what they found his step. They demanded estimated major educative, elimination of all form of authority and freedom to accede to the feminine dormitories in the universities. Directed by the German agitator Daniel Cohn-Bendit 6 and supported by the philosopher Jean-Paul 7 Sartre – explaining of the Marxist existencialismo they planted red flags in the boulevards and in the places they hung enormous posters with the faces of Marx, Trotsky, Fidel Castro and " Che" Guevara. During several weeks they armed poles, they raised barricades, they burned automobiles, they sacked commerce, they set afire the building of stock-market, they devastated ministries and produced such amount of destructions, that the streets of Paris seemed to have suffered the damage of a war. Simultaneously, the left unions declared revolutionary strike totally paralyzing to the country. The population was terrified by as much violence and anarchy. Aquelarre lasted until General De Gaulle decided to repress the rebels, dissolved the National Assembly, he summoned to new elections and with 60% of the votes he imposed the law and the order.