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October 11, 2022


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Electricity and gas provider in the direct comparison electricity and gas provider compare since the German gas networks for alternative gas suppliers and gas supply companies were opened in 1998, the number of service providers was limited in this area. Theoretically, any gas supplier may due to this regulation market its services nationwide. likely to increase your knowledge. Consumers can benefit only correctly by these changes in the market since 2006, since about eight years after the opening of the gas networks for the first time, a significant increase in the number of competing gas suppliers on the German market was noticeable. More and more companies in the national gas supply are working, the consumer prices lower then. Learn more at this site: Larry Page. Thus, gas consumers can benefit specifically from the rise of competition in this market. After the opening of the gas networks for alternative providers, households can easily do without, if the price is not right on the services of the local gas supplier and switch to cheaper, nationwide operating utilities.

The heating rates the local basic utilities are usually more expensive than the offerings of supra-regional supply companies. For this reason, the non-binding comparison between different gas tariffs can prove very profitable. The heating rates of supra-regional gas suppliers represent not only a cheaper alternative to gas prices of local utilities. With a switch to nationwide providers, the consumer can achieve big savings. With the supra-regional gas suppliers and long contract durations will be spared the excessive fees and usage rates. Due to the increased competition in the field of gas supply, households are no longer bound to the price of the local supply company and can also benefit from numerous bonuses, discounts, and tariff reductions. The change to a nationwide gas provider is very easy and extremely fast. Most utilities offer the change option in their online presence in addition to a comprehensive comparison of tariffs.