July 3, 2021


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It is a generation appeared jointly with the advance of the new technologies, following the new world (after Cold War), that is, the call technological world or virtual world. This daily convivncia with technological devices finished propitiating so that this new generation learned to use some technologies at the same time, as for example: to have access the Internet, to listen to music and to attend TV. Interests Through this study, having as research subject Generation Z, is that we intend to analyze more in a way detailed its characteristics and its relation with the society, that can perhaps characterize a new model of society. A virtual society of what real. Thus, the heading of our research will be: Generation Z: a new form of society. We have thus, for objective to analyze the specific characteristics of Generation Z thus to demonstrate its differences in comparison to the previous generations. Specifically we intend to define what it is generation, what it is youth and what is culture.

It stops later, to understand as the young of Generation Z if they insert in the society thus detaching its habits, customs, gostos, way to think, vision of world, style of life, etc. and finally, to mainly study the relation of these young with the new technologies. The interest in searching the subject in question, Generation Z, sprouted from our taking of contact with diverse manifestations in sectors of the media (such as: magazines, television, Internet), which propagated the last referring research to this new generation that was appearing. A generation whose people were capable to make some things at the same time. Such generation was called of Generation Z. the related reality stimulated in them more to weave a deepened reflection regarding these new individuals and, in the same direction, regarding this new model of society that is appearing. The mentioned generation would be completely different of the others, for more being enabled than the precedents, mainly in what it says respect to the manipulation and ability with technological devices.