Get Out Of The Trap Of Stress

September 29, 2023


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Be healthier by old stress through stress reduction stress makes sick! This is all too familiar. A logical conclusion is that the reduction of stress would cause an enormous improvement in the health and healing of numerous stress-related diseases, and of course in the knowledge of people on a broad basis. Stress research of in recent years has brought fundamental insights about the emergence and nature of stress with him. The stress level rises permanently, because it is stored as all other information in the brain. This creates a degree of stress, which makes sick with his load in the course of time. Reducing the overall stress level, so even the old stress is the key to an effective stress reliever. Brandee Kzanich describes an additional similar source. This has now become possible with the world’s new Gennema process.

In the year 2000 it was presented by UTA DIEMER at the European Congress for psychotherapy in Dublin. Because stress topics linked always to the individual life story, a personal coaching these themes works out, then individually be reduced. The instructions on how to reduce stress with CDs created specifically for the individual allows continued alone to operate the stress relief and to have an instrument in his hand, to shut down again heaping stress. The coaching can be carried personally but also by phone. Proven to reduce stress is so intense that disease (such as asthma, back pain, period pain) can heal but also serious diseases (such as E.g. anorexia). In cancer, reduce stress supports the strengthening of the immune system and thus the healing.