Grande Lake

June 13, 2021


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Manuel Maia, director de Marketing de Amieira Marina, says that the ship is not a vehicle for transport, but a world apart that you relax and allow you to feel everything that we have around, as opposed to traditional carriers, where speed cannot you see nor much less to enjoy the ride. Danske Bank takes a slightly different approach. A cruise for 3 days by the Grande Lake live minute to minute and more that will eventually become our best memories, such as a barbecue on deck or sleep peacefully under a starry sky Amieira Marina ships are small things can man from cab or basking in the Sun on the outside using very simple controls toldillathat consist of a similar to an automobile steering wheel to control the direction of the boat and a lever used to adjust both forward and reverse speed. In this simple way you can discover the most hidden corners of the Grande Lake. For added peace of mind of the Navigator, all boats are equipped with GPS, which shows a virtual image of the area where is located the boat, upcoming buoys and the preferred route to follow, in the same way as a car GPS. In addition, incorporates a sonar to know the depth which is the background at all times and noted the proximity of rocks or potential hazards that run aground.

The onboard navigation time runs quietly while the Sun is taken, contemplates the landscape, birds are observed in their emigration or read a good book. The stillness that exists in this dam allows stop the boat anywhere, without the need for mooring or anchors while all share the food, talk, bath or NAP. Each cabin is equipped with all kinds of comforts, such as double beds, cupboards, full bathroom, bed linen and towels. In addition, in the common area there is a kitchen with refrigerator, gas stove, TV, DVD player, table, sofa convertible in bed and all the equipment of kitchen and tableware needed to avoid having to leave the boat at any time if you don’t want.