Half Environment SEMA

December 5, 2012


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Exactly thus, the country if mostroudisposto to take the front of the quarrels on problematic ambient sendoum of the organizadores of the group of developing countries (JACOBI, 2003). Some initiatives appear that mobilize the national scene, what it provides to the installation and efetivao of ambient agencies as acriao of the Special Secretariat of Half Environment SEMA, tied with the Interior Ministriodo, with the function to trace strategies for conservation of meioambiente and the rational use of the natural resources (JACOBI, 2003). Vriasoutras on agencies to the environment is born and if they fortify with the apoiogovernamental. With passing of the time the ambient questions exceed governmental asdiretrizes stimulating the civil society to form groups quevoluntariamente they become militant in favor of the environment and against algumaspolticas of the government that if showed to contrary to the conservation norms danatureza. These politics, according to Jacobi (2003), were the increase dodesmatamento in the Amaznia, through directed nestings, construode hydroelectric plants in the river Paran and the construction of nuclear plants, entreoutras.

The manifestations against these measures had had repercussesinternacionais and started to take a new route. Some investigations are initiated to break it destemomento on the insertion of the scientific community in the questoambiental through governmental politics that could associardesenvolvimento with ambient preservation. In this perspective, the problemticaambiental increased its space of abrangncia in face to the relevance between ainterao of the man with the environment and to the necessity of if working such the pedagogical levels of education and spaces temaem all, especially nUniversidade. It is in this context that the Federal University of the Acre, cientede its searching vocation starts to argue the ambient question in way maisfocado through the creation of the Program of After-Graduation ' ' Stricto Sensu' ' emEcologia and Handling of Natural resources with the objective to foment public umamentalidade of valuation of the natural resources and the patrimniocultural of the region.