Hanseatic City Amount

August 17, 2016


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Gunter Zielinski – accountant from Hamburg informed the Hanseatic City of Hamburg has placed its own funding program for founders and investors. The Hamburg-based funding consultants and tax expert Gunter Zielinski informed the design and requirements of this programme. As an important economic centre, Hamburg is of course interested in expanding its site qualities. In this context, the Hanseatic city has decided to subsidise founders and investors with a separate funding program. Credit-financed investments and support of entrepreneurship in Hamburg are objective of promoting. As with all funding programs, there are also special conveying facts. One is the establishment support of existence of within the first three years after its establishment. Other promotion objectives include the creation of new jobs and the disposition of plants in Hamburg, Germany.

Investments are therefore also to the creation of at least 20% of new jobs promoted, such as the relocation of enterprises within Hamburg. Relocations are only eligible for funding if the company in question has generated annual net income of 125,000 euros in the three-year period prior to the submission of the maximum. Not all founders and entrepreneurs will be encouraged. The funding covers commercial entrepreneurs and small or medium-sized enterprises in accordance with the definition of SMEs. Accordingly, freelancers do not benefit from this programme. The acquisition of an enterprise or operation on the part of the buyer leads to the grounds of his livelihood, but for this necessary investment promoted. Is conveyed by the Hanseatic City in the form of a subsidy of leveraged investments. These must include at least 25,000 euros and may amount to EUR 1.2 million.

Base of support is half of the accumulated amount of investment. While not subsidized half of leverage applied must be the founder or investor on the other half receives a grant in the amount of 20% for 12,500 euros. Additional costs are subsidized to 12%. The minimum amount of aid is EUR 2,500, the maximum 25,000 euro. In the face of a vast variety of partly competing programmes, it is not easy to achieve the optimum promotion of the own entrepreneurial projects. The inclusion of an experienced consultant of funding is often the only way to achieve the desired results.