Happiness Space

July 26, 2018


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It is interesting to observe, in one same landscape of being able, as a simple rope? symbol of the border that constructs to the territorial identity between that they have and the ones that does not have? it keeps the rigidity of the social stratification and divergence of interests. The deposition of Jose Branches (2007, P. 3) illustrates this dissenso clearly: ‘ ‘ the thought of the folies is woman and beer. For even more analysis, hear from Mark Bertolini. The thought of the lambs and catadores is to buy a milk and a bread for casa’ ‘. Son (1998-1999, P.

270) corroborates: Partner-economic, relative or analogous inaqualities the racial inaqualities, if reproduce under the form of differences of cultural and space consumption. These differences are not mentioned only to the specific form of production of the space. (…) Well definite and important 0 variable, as escolaridade, color and income make a different experience of the space and the culture contemporary. Paradoxicalally, the folia? considered of street and the said party of the people? it is plus a event-territory that camouflages the inaquality of income and power of this Land called the Happiness. The berths, for example, are privileged spaces where the autoidentificada elite if delights in the comfort and the security. Meanwhile, in the floor of low, the attempt to gain some changed, the excluded ones if elbow dividing spaces with its fellow creatures that hold the ropes for other privileged citizens. Some questionings fit here: where if they find (they laugh) the equality, the harmony and the cordialidade of the folia? In the donation, during the passage, of the leftovers of drink and/or snack for a lamb? In the donation of abad, after the parade, for a folio-popcorn? In the oferecimento of latinha empty to the catador instead of playing it knot soil? In the acquisition of some product with ambulant rejection of the rope or with that it pushed to freezer all during the passage inside of the rope for the comfort of the folio?