Harry Barns

November 13, 2016


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– After almost 11 months and giving by forgotten my possibility entrance, receipt a call of the Department of Pde the Embassy, specifically of the secretary of Minister Concejero, for my presentation. – It could not think that it had been accepted and I am appointed the group of personal security of Minister Concejero for Latin America. In this position I remained by almost 1 year and a half, participating in all the courses of specialties obligatory for the permanence of the personnel credited in the Area of Security. After this period, I am ascended within the organic intern, to group commander and am destined to the personal Security of the Ambassador of the Time: Mr. More information is housed here: Aetna Inc.. Harry Barns and Family, since he benefits dominating to me some Languages.

This I altogether mean for me a great service load and responsibilities in the coordination and planning with American personnel, since the safekeeping of the ambassador was Mixed, between Americans, who belonged to the Department of American intelligence in Chile, like personnel of the DEA. – This work was developed in coordination with Customs officers of Chile, as far as the places of visit and outpost of the Ambassador. – During that time they lived sensible moments in Chile, since the external Policy American era to support the return of the Democracies in Latin America, condemning violations to the fundamental rights. Within these internal situations, the Embassy receives a threat of explosive Device and the pertinent mechanisms activate. The evacuation is general, of all the dependencies, which at that time were located in street Augustinian, present corporative building of Company CMPC. – That day we evacuated to American the Chilean personnel/, terrestrial route and all the classified personnel, through heliport. Once evacuees all the areas of the embassy, beginning in first instance, the Ocular and technical inspection of all the dependencies, since personal Chilean police officer cannot enter, due to all the restricted areas diplomatic.