High Interests

July 15, 2016


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Periodical of the ComrcioEmpresas & Negcios15 of August of 2005Segundo the old one dictated what it is bad for some is good for others. While the productive sector complains of the high taxes of interests, the financial institutions commemorate. The profit of the four bigger Brazilian private banks more than corresponds 60% of the great 69 profits of public company that had published rocking until passed Wednesday, as Gerdau, Aracruz, Braskem and given Souza Cruz.Os of the research of the consultoria Economtica show that the companies not-financiers had registered in the first semester of this year a total net profits of R$11,358 billions. Already the addition of the profits of only four banks, Ita, Bradesco, Unibanco and Banespa reaches R$ 6,827 billion. The numbers are adjusted by the Index of Prices Consumidor Ampliado (IPCA), measured for the IBGE.Os great results of the banks are records this year, but they come of an old scaling of acquisitions. In the comparison with the previous years, the financial institutions also show well bigger yield the great profits are related still to the banking concentration. The Ita and the Bradesco, for example, had made many acquisitions since 1994, explain the analyst of the Austin Rating, Rodrigo Indiani.

The race for new acquisitions or partnerships with lesser and financial banks continues. The institutions also search society with the nets retail. The analyst of the Broker Socopa, Daniel Doll Lemos, detaches that the factors of profit for wallets consist of the associations and the increase of the credit wallet, segment still little explored in Brazil. the focus is the natural person. The expansion if becomes fast more with the acquisitions of wallet.

The increment comes without the increase of the insolvency, says. The specialist observes that she is natural the banks to profit more. has a great slice of people without access to the banks, complements.