Hitachi Excavators

August 17, 2016


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Excavators Hitachi – one of the most popular on the Russian market machinery. Powerful, reliable, many years they work for the benefit of Russian builders, oil and public utilities. It is quite clear that competition is not standing still, in country flooded hundreds of cars from China and Europe. Therefore, before every potential buyer is a question whether to trust the proven brand of Japanese cars, or buy another brand? The best thing about this situation – weigh the pros and cons of excavators Hitachi, information about which service over the years accumulated a lot. So, let's face it. The main minus Hitachi has always been frail and delicate design, which suffered greatly under the pressure of local engineers, educated in the MTZ and TVEKS's.

In recent years, of course, the level of our artists has grown significantly, but in any case, Hitachi Excavators on design complexity and the presence of subtle detail is always lost to competitors. On the other hand, this delicate design not as paradoxical as it sounds amazingly reliable and if you do not interfere in her hands curves clumsy, able to work without breakdowns for many years. Other Excavators must frequently inspect and troubleshoot the various little things in between times. Time of the second. These are the current engines and hydraulics.

Here again, the point is this: the Hitachi so many models to work in a variety of conditions. And if for a particular model in the characteristics of written maximum digging depth, tonnage and power, this does not mean that the machine is designed for continuous use with such loads. The fact that the Japanese are very well-calculated characteristics of his art and, say, if the domestic excavator can pull more than is written in his passport, then the figures for the Japanese – an absolute ceiling. Therefore, if the mean operation in harsh environments, you have to buy machines with more impressive features that far exceed the maximum loads. On average, the range of from Hitachi nothing ever does not flow and does not break – just have to explain to the operator that run the entire length of the rod is fraught with breakdowns. Speaking about the pros Hitachi Power should be noted, which is almost always enough for all types of transactions. And anyway, Hitachi excavators still the most reliable, most importantly you should not skimp on quality and consumable fuels. And, of course, the most important – is that spare parts for excavators are almost always in the dealers. On the other equipment must be ordered, to suffer with the catalogs, but the Hitachi is always possible to find the most necessary. And the service in recent years has increased markedly. The only course, since prices for Hitachi excavators is much higher than other machines. But if you count the economic impact of outages, breakdowns and fuel, to buy Hitachi is much more profitable than, say, Chinese excavator.