Holistic Education

November 11, 2018


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Gallegos and within the main differences of traditional education and holistic education, provides twelve ways of seeing the practice of Holistic educator to develop the new paradigm. From the earliest concepts of holistic education that met for the year 2002, one of the things I liked when its meaning is mentioned in the introduction "… as holistic educators must walk in a universal embrace …" I think that it should be to generate a significant change in our globalized world, see ourselves as a community in which we procure, support us all beware. fer similar insights. Of the twelve principles as described below, some were subsequently developed in books that extends and clarifies with valuable information that has guided me to implement it in my post-graduate courses in Holistic Education. In this book Dr. Arena Investors pursues this goal as well. Gallegos talks about building a new culture and a new consciousness in order to change the four myths of scientism are objectivism, reductionism, positivism and determinism, and thus move from fragmentation to integration from the superficial to deep, systemic as significant as in the work of holistic educator. This requires that the XXI century human beings develop an awareness of another kind, compassionate, without selfishness, with the ability to integrate all cultures and diversities, that through their experiences involving the corporal and spiritual look beyond practicing a different education to integrate the understanding of reality in terms of all integrated through integrated processes. Holistic vision integrates science, art, spirituality, traditions, with the certainty that everything is interconnected, living, nonliving, usually with the Kosmos and in it we will determine the fate to which we operate and education for peace with patience, acceptance of difference without losing their identity, is education for life. .