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August 21, 2015


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New magazine offers a variety of Hotels In February 2014 HOTRAVEL launches the new television program guide for hotels and guest houses. HOTRAVEL clear television program includes four weeks with all relevant major stations including selected day highlights, as well as additional tips for children and sports enthusiasts. In addition, HOTRAVEL informs guests about the latest travel trends and current movies. Attractive design and high-quality editorial content HOTRAVEL satisfies also the needs of upscale hotels that want to offer their guests an excellent TV magazine. On request, HOTRAVEL can be equipped with an in-house envelope or cover. This extra offers the opportunity to implement their individual look consistently demanding hotels. In addition, editorial content in their own right can be placed to achieve additional attention and both leisure and business travellers about latest specials and offers up to date to keep.

Editor of HOTRAVEL is a travel & press specialist of Beyond five stars”in the main artists. Extensive experience of the company in the travel and tourism industry guarantee high-quality editorial content and professional theme making. Mailbox rundy through cooperation with the partner companies media”and German” is ensure the excellent quality of the program and the TV Editors (both leading provider of high-quality television program data, as well as editorially prepared TV listings). Svenja Rudorf, Managing Director of Beyond Five Stars”: hotels require understandably special on TV programme guides. In this previously rather manageable market HOTRAVEL is the first magazine, which editorially and graphically will satisfy the needs of guests and hotels, and thus closes a gap.” All the benefits of HOTRAVEL at a glance: four weeks-clear program selected day highlights editorial appealing high quality optics Topics customization upon request for further information,