Image Instrument

March 12, 2013


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The instrument that is used for this measurement is the audit of image. You can not design or drafting an annual strategic plan if we don’t know how we are perceiving our different specific audiences before. Many institutions use the service of monitoring news to measure their image, and they consider that it is sufficient, but this is only a part, of the media, the media profile. An audit of image should be considered in an integrated manner in such a way that it will serve to make an assessment of all the aspects that make up the image, which are equally important, such as the value of its brands, the service to the customer, financial reputation, the opinion that employees have and that projected abroad, to cite only some variables.

It is advisable to hire a market research firm to do an audit of image since they count with the structure, staff and appropriate measuring instruments. It is important to consult or ask for references from previous work that these firms have been made for other institutions and assess their expertise on these issues. So that an audit of image is complete should be given 4 important aspects and that, for me, they encompass almost all the areas that are of interest: financial (financial reputation and capital structure) image commercial image (value of product, customer service) and the value of brands the internal image (the internal climate and employees) public image (image in the media and in public opinion) especially if a company just passed by a crisis media situation, audit of image measuring impact or damage the corporate image could have suffered and that affects the value of brands, mood of the employees, the confidence of creditors and suppliers. The indicators obtained can serve as reference for a repositioning campaign image if necessary. An audit of image is not a study that was efectuamuy followed, unless this wants to say that debemosdescuidarla image of the institution. Permanent monitoring and auditing, for me, is a starting point for henceforth, creating monitoring mechanisms. Image auditing tells us where we are and, on this basis, we can decide where we want to go in terms of communication.