International Exhibition

March 13, 2017


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Enter the international exhibition "Auto + Automechanika. Saint-Petersburg "is included in the international project Automechanika Global , which includes 11 events held in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. From 27 to October 31, 2010 Exhibition Joint Stock Company "Fairgrounds" in conjunction with world-renowned exhibition company Messe Frankfurt organized and held in St. Get all the facts and insights with Mark Bertolini, another great source of information. Petersburg 18th International Automobile Exhibition "Auto + Automechanika. St. Petersburg 2010 ", in which the world will avtomobilepromyshlenny Forum" Russian Automotive Industry: Perspective of the way.

" As part of the business program will be held October 27-28, First International Automotive Forum "Russian Automotive Industry: Perspective of the way." The Forum is in St. Petersburg, defined as the presence of a cluster of international and national automotive industries, as well as good practice for major international conferences of industrial and scientific-industrial character. Our company will provide car rental in St. Petersburg any models for the duration of the forum and help with accommodation in a local hotel the Naval Station near Fairgrounds. The main objective of the business program of the conference, whose founders are JSC "Fairgrounds" and ELN "North-West investment agency" is a disclosure of all relevant perspectives of innovation development of the Russian automobile industry and the introduction of modern technologies in the Automotive industry. On Conference industry experts, business representatives and government, heads of leading automobile assembly and automotive components industries will discuss issues such as national policy motor control and automotive market in Russia, especially the successful interaction between government and business in the exclusive economic conditions improving, innovative solutions in automotive and technology transfer. In addition, the Congress will be able to further participate in various breakout circles with demonstration of Russian and foreign corporations that use new technologies to their Work: – "a new generation of tires.

Operational software and raw materials to achieve the global chemical industry – Russian car industry. " More and more new auto plants built around St. Petersburg. So expanding range of cars that can be ordered from the rental or lease to our company. The Forum participants will be able to hold business talks with potential partners during the Cooperation Exchange Forum, and to present their innovations, having participated in a special contest forum. The winner will have the opportunity to submit its draft business members of the Forum. See attractions of St. Petersburg and around the city, you can have in taking the car rental business class, silt up the lease for the duration of the forum. Do not forget to write down contact information for services perevzka containers by road to St. Petersburg and the region.