International Scientific Conference

December 10, 2015


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The company “Alley Software” took part in the IX International Scientific Conference “Electronic Age of Culture”, held 13-17 September 2010 in Listvyanka Irkutsk region with the support of MinkulturyRF, Russian State Library, the Russian Association of Electronic Libraries (ELBI) and the Foundation “Electronic Age of Culture.” Conference on “Electronic Age of Culture” held annually in different cultural and historical centers Russia. Participants in it – managers and senior staff of major cultural institutions, education and science, as well as representatives from the business community. The main objective of the event organizers called the conservation of cultural heritage of Russia and the development of a unified concept of informatization development of cultural industries. This year, more than 150 professionals from all over Russia gathered to discuss specific areas of information and practical solutions libraries, museums, theaters, educational institutions, as well as see the latest advances in computer technology, digitization of information and new ways of transferring, sharing and storing information. The main themes were formulated as follows: “Electronic Resources crops – freedom of access and copyright,” “The level of information the university – the basis of the success of future professionals” and “Digital Libraries”.

The last was plenary session devoted to “Digital Libraries”, which became the core of digital content distribution issues, freedom of access and copyright, the full-text search and e- libraries. The report, “Digital library – from design to implementation” of the meeting was made by General Director of “Alley Software” Stanislav Kim. He spoke about various aspects – organizational, legal, technical, technological, content – creating an electronic library of high school, as well as performed by the library project – posed problems, difficulties and solutions selected. “Our company operates in the market of digital libraries since 2005, performing both new development and the creation of these information systems and outsourcing scanning and rare major funds, as well as data files. ” – Says Stanislav Kim – “As of today the creation of digital libraries – not just a requirement for accreditation of the institution, but an urgent necessity. Neither the teachers nor the students are not prepared to wait University libraries, universities and the state itself will create conditions for work with electronic documents and do everything – buy books and digitize it – yourself. Options to obtain the desired content is legally in digitally virtually none. Authors, publishers, aggregators, and other rights holders are not willing to work with high schools open.

The so-called EBSy impose uncomfortable and inferior in terms of content services, and leadership many universities to develop their own resources is afraid, not wanting to quarrel with the governing bodies (Minobr, Rosobrnadzor). Therefore I would like to call to look at the problem comprehensively, as an electronic library University – a complex IT project, not just a finished product, but a conglomeration of many difficult decisions (DL, ALIS, the system of distance learning, etc.). To successfully complete this project, including, it is important to IT professionals and librarians speak the same language and the conference “Electronic Age of Culture” – an excellent platform for mutual understanding of this kind. “.