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October 9, 2022


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To begin to answer paid surveys on the internet do not need anything more than subscribe to one or many of the hundreds of internet sites that offer this service. If you have the good fortune to speak several languages, you will then have even more sites available. However, there are many people who are not encouraged to use this service, because think that they must invest much time or they will not work enough. The truth is that the hours you need to devote to answering paid surveys depend on the quantity of sites that have enrolled. The greater the number of online polling, the greater their chances of generating money. On the other hand, there will always be companies that need your sincere opinion to develop their products, improve the quality of existing ones or discover why work best to apply these discoveries in its production line. And it is not need to be an expert in one area in particular or special studies to answer paid surveys online, but simply experience as a consumer. Companies are fed from the knowledge of thousands of housewives around the world, who know about the quality products that lead to his home, so his opinion regarding such or which ham, stain removers or beauty article is especially valued.

People who spend much time in front of the TV are also excellent sources of advice, because many paid internet surveys are aimed at this market. Other surveys are on film, radio, hobbies, etc. Some surveys even seek the opinion of the younger members of the House. For example, companies of candy, clothing or children’s toys have the opinion of children to study their own products. Other companies like the gamers prefer the opinion of adolescents. Thus, almost no age to take part in the world of paid surveys and earn money.