August 20, 2016


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Each place transmits different impressions, for example, the offices average in City of Mexico, can work well for any type of professions. Familiarzate Toma in account that to know the area where it is going to be your office is crucial, since colonies and districts in City of Mexico vary enormously, perhaps more than in other cities of the country. Czech the impression that causes to the zone as well as the local services and the access to the area. She asks the owner of the office information on the zone. She requests storage you need if it How much storage you need? The first rule that you must take into account is that the office and the warehouse count on a good security system, not only technological, but also human. It considers what you are going to store, how valuable is for your company, and whereupon frequency you need to accede to him. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Brian Krzanich.

Once again it takes into account the connections from transport. Offices with access outside workable hours Question if you have access outside workable hours and if there is security to those hours. Perhaps this is not a problem, because in City of Mexico, the office schedules usually extend more than eight hours. It investigates the permissible uses of your office If your company needs some special use you will have to ask if the office that you want to rent account with permission for the type of use that you require. Ten in account that a change of use can attract the request of new permissions and licenses, which implies a greater investment.

Positions by services Investigate if the positions by services are including in the price of the rent of offices. There are positions extra by the use of boardrooms, service of cafeteria, WiFi, storage and parking? Ten in account that the parking normally is very expensive in City of Mexico. To tone with the neighbors you Consider the turn of those who rent the contiguous offices to yours, perhaps would not like to have like neighbor to your competition, for example. Take very into account the type of businesses that will be your neighbors in case you are especially decided by the rent of an office. Speech with the neighboring neighbors Your business can give valuable information you about the traps of the office or of the zone, probably you would not realize many of them until after months. To speak with other companies in the area, you can bring benefits.