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August 13, 2016


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“Rewardlife finally in Germany available London, England and Bad Soden am Taunus, 03.05.2011, the British Rewardlife Management Ltd. and DonnellySpire business development & consulting give their cooperation to the launch of Rewardlifes reward travel manager” known in Germany. Rewardlife supports companies in the commercial exploitation of frequent flyer miles, who have accumulated their employees on business trips. In this way, you can save travel costs amounting to over two million euros per year at larger companies and corporations. “In addition to Office space and German contacts we get also the important knowledge of the German travel industry by DonnellySpire business development & consulting and have access to its comprehensive network”, so Mike Lawrence, Managing Director of the London company. The team of DonnellySpire have the added value of the reward travel manager”for German companies make, immediately recognized and will better the relevant target group give that a foreign company can do that. “” Adds Corinna Arras-Rettig, managing partner of DonnellySpire: A solution as reward travel manager “, which among other things is at one of the top 50 companies in the Fortune 500 in use for many years and there annually saves travel costs into the millions, also for German companies invaluable.” The Federal Labor Court ruled in 2006 that on business trips accumulated frequent flyer miles are available to the employer (9 AZR 500/05). The benefits and amenities of frequent flyer status remain with the Rewardlife solution for the traveller but untouched”, second managing partner of DonnellySpire adds Andreas Schurrle.

ABOUT REWARDLIFE MANAGEMENT LTD, the London company is in its eleventh year. Purpose is to help companies reduce spending on business travel up to 25% by commercial exploitation of frequent flyer miles accumulated on business trips and bonus points. Gesellschaftsmittel is”the reward travel manager, an easy-to-implement technological solution, which can already within lower travel expenditure significantly by a short time. The tool located since 2003 at one of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies in the usage and this saved annually two million euros to flight issues as a result, that the frequent flyer mile accounts of over 17,500 employees are centrally managed and optimized and new flights from this pool out are booked. ABOUT DONNELLY & SPIRE CONSULTANTS Donnelly & Spire consultants, founded in 2006, Office represents – in collaboration with Villa Epting + service – abroad successful and leading companies in the travel and travel technology industry in Germany. Donnelly & Spire acts primarily as a local incubator and accelerator. To the customer by Donnelly & Spire consultants Villa Epting Office + service include among others the Croatian Frodo s.o.o., Pharos Datacom Ltd. from Great Britain, OpenJaw Technologies Ltd. and Traveldev Ltd. of Ireland and SkyGate A / S of Denmark. Donnelly & Spire Consultants and Villa Epting business + service are official partners of the Irish Trade Board Enterprise Ireland, the Dublin Institute of technology, the Marshall Goldsmith School of management, San Diego, CA, the Frankfurt School of tourism’s Weigand KG, Member of the travel industry Club, the IHK Frankfurt and Member in the Swiss German Club.