Italian Giovanni Sala

April 27, 2018


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Less the pilot, mechanics and the manager, practically everything is new or receives some changes with respect to previous editions in Marc Coma for Dakar 2011, the 1ForAll team. Next Tuesday December 14 catalan pilot, that has options of winning the Dakar, present in Barcelona to his new team, which we present below. Marc Coma decided to make clean slate and attack the next Dakar with a more motivated team if it is worth than previous ones with which won two editions of the competition of raid harder (2006 and 2009) worldwide. After the Dakar, and at different times, have left three Jordis Coma environment: Jordi Arcarons, Jordi Viladoms and Jordi Duran, and the only Jordi that remains is Jordi Arilla, his manager is co-owner of 1ForAll-. Arcarons was the team manager, and he has managed the three Dakares of equipment the Nani Roma and two of Marc Coma-, but right after the 2010 Dakar opted to leave the 1ForAll and follow your own path. Now, the teacher will be replaced by a veteranisimo man of Enduro and Raids such as the Italian Giovanni Sala. A former racing driver who was already in the formation of the then Repsol-KTM in 2005 and, mainly, has the blessing of the brand. Jordi Viladoms has exercised during the last five years of backpacking from Coma and himself decided to leave the team and seek a training where can shine solo without having to always go to the shadow of a leader. East 2011, Marc Coma backpacking will be Joan Pedrero, best Spanish pilot in the Dakar past. There will be no third pilot, as last year, since the Dutch Henk Knuiman only had contract for one year.