Jaen Vidal

November 29, 2015


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Agrolab & Vidal, business conglomerate specializing in agricultural, environmental, food, and industrial, analysis will invest in 2011 more than 450,000 euros in the renovation of equipment, with the aim of increasing the efficiency of their production processes. Since the merger between the Laboratoris Vidal Tarraconensis and the German Agrolab GmbH became effective in late 2008, the new signature has given great impetus to its technical capacity, improving and automating processes that have allowed to increase efficiency and productivity. To this day, Agrolab & Vidal is considered to be one of the companies of reference in the sector in our country. Agrolab & Vidal has a large portfolio of clients in Spain such as Telepizza and Griffith Laboratories (food area); Cargill, feed Caceco and Qualimac (agricultural area); Nalco (industrial area) and Ercros (environmental area), among others. Agrolab & Vidal billing 2010 economic data. 4.9 million euros.

Annual growth in the last 5 years. The Vidal group Labs: 10%, Agrolab GmbH: 15%. Template media. 75 workers. Production 2010. 450,000 analysis/year (20% food, agriculture 20%, 50% water, 10% environmental (air and soil).) 25% More samples than in 2009. Origin of the samples.

Tarragona (20%), rest of Catalonia (40%), rest of Spain (40%). Expectations of 2011 growth. Maintenance data 2010. Investments 2011. 450,000 on renovation of equipment and process optimization. On Agrolab & Vidal Agrolab & Vidal is a business conglomerate fruit of the merger, in November 2008, Vidal group laboratories (30% share) and Agrolab GmbH (70% share). Agrolab & Vidal has a headquarters of 900 m 2 located in Tarragona and with branches in Burgos, Valencia and Pontevedra. It also operates through agreements with local laboratories in Algeciras, Seville, Jaen, Lorca, Zaragoza and Madrid, that gives coverage to all Spain. It has a number of certifications of quality, which they recognize that their laboratories have a solid and complete quality system, and to ensure their technical competence, ensuring that outcomes that are within their scope have validity both nationally and internationally. Laboratoris Vidal was born in 1976 in Tarragona as a laboratory of analysis of water intended for human consumption, which over the years was expanding and consolidating new lines of work, to specialise in agriculture, food, environmental and industrial areas. Agrolab GmbH, founded in 1986 in Bruckberg (Germany), is a large corporation specializing in agricultural, food, and environmental analysis, which billed more than 60 million euros a year. Headquartered in Germany, it has laboratories in the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Poland and Turkey.