Jesus Christ

December 20, 2012


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It is an extremely rich book for which we are privileged to see the heart of one of the great personages of History, apstolo Pablo. 5.1-Second Corntios consists of five main parts: 5.1.1- Introduction, 1.1-11. 5.1.2- Pablo tells the character of its works, 1,12 the 7.16. 5.1.3-A offers for the poor persons of the Jew, caps.

8 and 9. 5.1.4-Pablo defends its apostlica authority, 10,1 the 13.10. 5.1.5-Conclusion, 13.11-13. 6.SNTESE OF the BIBLICAL LIES OF 1 TRIMESTER OF 2010 AS 2 LETTER TO the CORNTIOS the second letter of Pablo to the corntios was a reply to the antagonism that if had raised against its apostlica authority, therefore its incisive way of doutrinar had shocked concepts of the Christians of corinto. Apstolo faces some difficulties and afflictions, however it is comforted by God and it ahead shows to faith and balance of the tribulaes. Its ministry is genuine, and based on the experience that receives from the proper Jesus Christ. Pablo makes a paradox between the old alliance and the new alliance. In the first one that he had as ‘ ‘ target lei’ ‘ , while second it was in ‘ ‘ Esprito’ ‘.

That age death, this, however is life. Apstolo of the heathen ones demonstrates humildade, and if a man observes in it who learned to live in all and any situation. Its ministry is come back toward the reconciliation. An example of leader who was also for serving, quality and virtue lived deeply for ours Gentleman and rescuer Jesus. Educations Paolinos point to the corntios the way with respect to a sanctity life, obedience and communion with God. It had a necessity of them to search a rupture with the way of life of the inhabitants of corinto, without, however to discriminate them. The church was taught to contribute with love and to cooperate with the activities directed toward the social one. Pablo applies the Biblical principle of the generosity that means ‘ ‘ virtue of that if he makes use to sacrifice the proper ones interests in benefit.