John Sculley John

September 10, 2016


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John Sculley (USA 1939), was vice president of the company and then PepsiCo president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple Computer. Currently a partner in an investment company called Sculley Brothers. His experiences at PepsiCo and Apple Computer were narrated in the book From Pepsi to Apple, which the Sculley wrote in collaboration with John A. Byrne, or of the magazine “Business Week”. Sculley was born in the United States, but a week of birth, his family moved to Bermuda. We also live in Brazil and Europe. At the age of 14 years independently invented a cathode ray tube color but could not patent it because the Dr Lawrence had already patented a similar invention a few weeks earlier patent that would later acquired by Sony. Sculley architectural designer graduated from Brown University and received an MBA from Wharton Business School.