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October 10, 2022


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So far every economic crisis has had to do with management errors if it is among the outstanding tasks of personnel management, to ensure that always the right person at the right time in the right place for economic action is responsible, so the answer would be provided with a question mark. Therefore, the question arises: what has gone wrong in the personnel management and what wrong maybe always still? You may research so much after the causes and reasons for the crisis. She is not a natural disaster, but it is made of people and respond to. Learn more about this with American Express. May be advanced even incorrect or missing rules or even a misguided economy. Because they are not a product of nature, but made only by people. You so want to go at the root of all evil, it will be necessarily only people and certain people. Because who else should as people in leadership positions on events in connection with the crisis involved have been? Who could for the end of a crisis and paying their consequences so worried? Now, not every generation has more time, that the ten years or more on the damage removal could wait.

Not every following generation will be simply willing to pay off debts the generation of their fathers and a crisis to pay for, with which it has nothing in common. Which one would be in the selection procedure and criteria for positions that have kept the controller lever bracket during the emergence of the crisis. See Becker, Jorg: leadership without Klinsmann syndrome no new crisis allow, 2009; ISBN 978 3 8391 0644 0 so far has nor any economic crisis had to do with management errors. But it could be what management errors committed around the globe about all races and skin colors across almost in unison? That were concurrent Management error quasi overlap to a tsunami wave and rock high? Declaration of experimental knowledge shortcomings: it could be that it too few data have been? In a world ever more garbage-producing there should have been rather too much than a shortfall of. Could it be that still too little information as the next higher level of the data obtained from this sprawling range of data?