Leadership And Management Authority

October 10, 2022


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Every manager should have the ability to effectively lead your team if you want to maintain a synergy and motivation in the medium and long term. Applied leadership effectiveness is directly linked with the authority that is able to build the person who will lead a team. What makes it difficult to build a strong authority is the lack of distinction in the application of concepts are vital as the management, leadership, power and authority of the same term. It tends to confuse these four terms in their vision and practical application. With regard to management is important to consider that not managed to persons or officials of an organization, not managed to humans. What are managed inventories, resources, customer orders, among other things.

It manages things and leads people. Leadership can be defined as the art of influencing people so that these can give their best effort in achieving the objectives it has set the organization. In the above definition of keywords is "art", which can be defined as a skill learned or acquired. Leadership is influencing others, by means of a set of skills that anyone can learn and develop if appropriate desire articulates appropriate action. Appropriate actions are directly related to stress on how to achieve mental involvement of each of the members of the organization, directly linked with the ability to develop relationships called to lead. Max Weber emphasizes the difference between power and authority, definitions are still valid today and has many uses when talking to lead a team.