Luxemburg Rose

April 22, 2012


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DATA OF the PINK NESTING OF LUXEMBURG the Pink nesting Luxemburg was created by means of officially recognized Resolution 087/05 and with the publication in Federal official gazette, in 31 of December of 2005; after the ownership emission that dates of 16 of the 18 December and is situated km, of the municipal headquarters of Ranch. In the Nesting National Institute of Colonizao and the Agrarian Reformation was confirmed by rendering professionals of service of the INCRA -, the size variation, after measurements that are around 242,0ha, in register; 266,78ha of measurement, as identified in the PDA? Plan of Development of Nesting (BRAZIL, 2008, P. 06). Currently the nesting counts on 26 families, duly registered in cadastre next to the INCRA, which has in agriculture its main source of income.

The seated familiar agriculturists in the Luxemburg Rose are proceeding from different cities, with predominance of people of Ranch, Boquim, Salty, Itaporanga D? Ajuda and Aracaju, being that the majority developed labor activity, in the agricultural way, directly on to agriculture. The relation enters the familiar agriculturists of the nesting, with agriculture is strong, with the majority living deeply the chance of the ticket of workers for independent producers and with the challenge to develop its activities, in the perspective to reach the improvement of the quality of life. In the lots the exclusive presence of the force of familiar work is what it predominates and it involves of the 02 (two) 03 (three) members of the family, that is, agriculture is the main activity of the seated one and this uses the hand of workmanship of the too much members to work in its farmings or ‘ ‘ roas’ ‘ as many prefer to say. It enters the farmings gifts in the Luxemburg Rose predominates the Cassava culture, Maize, Beans, Hortalias and Maracuj, being that the Cassava is the one that occupies most of cultivated lands..