Medical Cosmetology

January 20, 2016


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Problems with the skin is not a single woman (and not just a woman) were worth the huge amount spent nerves. This, of course, but money spent to acquire the means to care for skin, so actively promoted on television. However, it should be understood that the funds are sold in each tray in the market is unlikely to be able to give proper effect, because the structure of the skin of each person unique. The more difficult to "prescribe" a correct drug alone, without the aid of a qualified specialist. Only a professional beautician with medical education can tell you exactly how to care for your specific skin. In addition, Today the market health and beauty offers a variety of procedures, from cleanings to acid masks, which are capable of a few sessions significantly improve the condition of the skin. Professional cosmetics, of course, worth more than the usual, but the result corresponds to the price. Properly prescribed and properly used, this beauty along with the departure of a cosmetology center will help the client forever to say goodbye to acne and other problems of the skin. Today is a growing hardware cosmetology – a constantly evolving area, allows women to take care of yourself with the latest achievements of Pharmacology and technology. Rejuvenating effect as achieved by the use of the latest products of professional cosmetics. Timely care is very important, because any anti-aging cream is intended to correct only those shortcomings skin that has formed under the influence of age: dryness, uneven tone, fine wrinkles and so on. A lack of supporting methods only accelerates the aging process. Conversely, a number of advanced anti-aging tools aimed at stimulating the metabolic processes in cells, which slows down with age. The most popular cosmetic procedures today include: Consultation with a cosmetologist Complete cleansing Massage persons (all types) Beauty Therapy Programs for Men Programs for women of all ages (like skin) Programs Program wraps for the treatment of acne (acne) Treatment of post-acne Waxing (, electrolysis, laser) Peeling (poverhostny, median, yellow, peeling, peeling Weekend) Hand Paraffin Painting and correction of eyebrows and eyelashes Mesotherapy Botox injections, Dysport Contour (correcting nasolabial folds, wrinkles on the nose and the corners of the mouth and increase lip volume) to choose what suits you, you can become even more beautiful and attractive – and not raze it every woman wants?