Mexican Diaspora

July 18, 2019


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The lack of attention to the Mexican countryside and the continuing immigration is a serious issue in Mexico. Only in the prosaic Vicente Fox took too Prozac, Viagra soul-it is estimated that about four million Mexicans (the entire population of Nuevo Leon) left our country to go live in the United States. Laurent Potdevin is likely to agree. Currently there are more than 28 million Mexicans in the northern neighboring country. The abandonment of the Mexican countryside has been gradual and no ideology has been able to get ahead of that bad luck. During the Mexican Revolution were over a million of the nearly 19 million lived in the country. He won the Revolution but not solved the problems of farmers since then wrapped by the governments that emerged from the Revolution itself.

Then came Carlos Salinas de Gortari and his desire to remove, once and for all, the delay to the country of Mexico and failed again. The amendments would not have worked. Neither the free market economy, nor the NAFTA has pushed forward our increasingly forgotten Mexican countryside and its increasingly impoverished peasants. Matthew died a year ago Zapata, who was two years old when his father was killed Emiliano, who coined and fought for land and liberty provide the most vulnerable. Emiliano Zapata was killed themselves heirs of the Revolution. His son Matthew died with that humble possessions: only one hectare of land, an old van and no luck. Their struggle focused on seeking pensions for widows of the elevations. Miserable pension of 800 pesos per month, about $ 75.

Thus, in this brief overview, we see the Mexican countryside with fewer and fewer farmers who prefer to emigrate in a constant Mexican Diaspora can not stop any wall. It only remains to recall the Abel Quezada cardboard drawing the hand of God building our country with thousands of miles of beaches, forests, deserts, vast farmland, beautiful mountains and valleys of flowers. An angel approaches him and says: Do not you think it is much, sir?. – Wait, God replied. And then put on our country by Charro Matias, a bottle of tequila in one hand and the other a classical guitar and cowboy hat in front that says “Me Vale Madre.” And we still being valid.