National System

November 24, 2013


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From this experience, it was verified that as much the REJ how much excessively units of conservation that form this extensive green spot in regional scale were managed and managed in broken up way, in individualizadas protecting areas, with a head for each one of them. An immediate question that appeared to the group was as it was the communication between these areas (in case that it existed) for the action accomplishment? Which instruments were used in the integration of broken up protecting areas? In terms of academic research, I folloied the process of invocation of meetings, had access to acts and plans, amongst other products of the management of protected areas, developed for the consulting board of the Bocaina mosaic, line saw on. From day 14 of December of 2007 I was enclosed in yahoogroups of the advice, what Introduction made possible the accompaniment of power to decide processes I.: We in the last few decades attend to a convergence politics each bigger time in direction the ambient questions. These politics if operate in diverse scales and involve actors of natures to also be able diverse, then involving factors very beyond the ecological ones. Expression of the complexity of the ambient politics, the mosaic aims at to integrate the management of the units of conservation. In accordance with the law of the National System of Units of Conservation, (law 9,985/2000), first article; one ' ' unit of conservation is a territorial space and its environmental resources, including territorial waters, with excellent natural characteristics, legally instituted for the Public Power, with objectives of conservation and defined limits, under special regimen of administration, which if apply adequate guarantees of proteo' '.

(SNUC, 2000). The System foresees, still, the creation of an instrument to integrate units of conservation continuous and/or overlapped space, intitled mosaic of units of conservation; as article 26. Its main objective is to assure the conservation of biodiversity, through the application of corridors ecological; to guarantee the sociodiversidade, through the creation of a managing instance regionalizada, the consulting board.