Night Vampire

December 3, 2013


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Vampire. In each of us evokes a different feeling. But somehow we all feel the same. And this is because the vampire is essentially pure feeling. Maybe we could go even further and say that the vampire is pure essence, the essence alive. The vampire is far beyond being a simple creature that feeds on the blood of poor and innocent victims.

It has transcended all that, and embodies a set of ideals, a series of physical and mental states. Being a vampire is to be in conflict. Eternal conflict. On the one hand represents the union of the individual and the beast. The person who was once, along with his character and personality, could be of different nature. He could choose between different opcionesa but his vampiric nature brings something nuevoa a new look and primitive gut that only a few will gain control: The Beast.

The beast conditions and dominates everything. The beast only destroys. The beast does not create. The beast only kills. However, the beast can love, and more passionately than any mortal. The vampire can love in a way that can only understand the beloved. And here comes one of the worst moments for him, it is a being avocado hatred and destruction, but is able to feel love and passion like no other being can ever experience. She became the embodiment of romance, a gothic feeling that dwells within us. The eternity of a being who exists only to take life, but is painfully capable of loving.