Opening Inside

December 5, 2013


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Expectativa of the customer? Project in compliance with the Term of Opening; Project inside of the stated period and the foreseen budget. 1.12.Fatores of success of the project? Communication accomplishes inside of the teams; Integral support of the area of YOU; Permanent support of the sponsor. 1.13.Restries? The budget is limited; The stated period-limit is the end of the fiscal year of the company, under risk of budgetary reverse speed-allocation; The project must inside be kept of the departmental sphere, having only the external contact with the areas of YOU and purchases. 1.14.Premissas? The people can change its behavior if adequately stimulated and prepared; The communication inside of the teams will be made through weekly meetings and instantaneous messages daily; The unrestricted support of all is necessary the involved ones inside of the division; The members of the teams will have integral devotion to the project; The teams of the project will have to have knowledge of management of projects and computer science.

1.15.LIMITES OF the PROJECT AND EXCLUSIONS YOU SPECIFY? The project does not have as objective to substitute the vestibule of the institution; The project does not have as objective to create politics and processes for coordination of other courses; The consultoria team will only act as support, and not as man power. 1.16.ESTRUTURA ANALYTICAL OF the PROJECT (PRELIMINARY) 1.17.PRINCIPAIS ACTIVITIES AND STRATEGIES OF the 1.17.1.Geral PROJECT? The cost of internal staff is not enclosed in the previous value and it will not be considered by already being part of the indirect cost of the company; The activities with lesser or equal recess will be considered critical the useful 3dias. 1.17.2.Diagnstico? It will be carried through by the division of management of projects, with costs arcados for the Coordination; The adopted standard will be of the PMI through the PMBOK Guide 3rd Edition; It will be carried through by specialized consultant.