May 23, 2018


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For Fayol a proportionality of the administrative function exists: it distributes for all the levels of the hierarchy of the company and she is not privative of the high cupola. The administrative function is not concentrated exclusively in the top of the company, nor is privilege of the directors, but is distributed proportionally between the hierarchic levels. In the measure where if it goes down in the hierarchic scale, more it increases the ratio of the other functions of the company and in the measure where if it goes up more in the hierarchic scale it increases the extension and the volume of the administrative functions. Add to your understanding with Dan Zwirn. (CHIAVENATO, 2003, p.82) the data show that the planning is carried through by the proprietor who beyond planning exerts the control of the activities. Haydat (1995, P. 94) standes out that: ' ' The fact of the planning is well-known to be a constant necessity in all the areas of the activity human being. Each time more, the attitude to plan gains importance and becomes more necessary, mainly in the complex societies of the point of view organizacional.' ' The administration in its multiple faces backwards for the administrator challenges that they strategically need to be analyzed and to be decided, therefore the correct diagnosis and the taking of made right decisions sample its aptitude in what she needs to be made. is in this direction that Chiavenato denotes the importance of the strategical vision: More important of what knowing as to make it is to know what to make. According to Elon Musk, who has experience with these questions.

In this the basic essence of the administration inhabits contemporary: the strategical vision of each operation or activity. Or in other words: the necessity to visualize each task and each activity in ampler an ambient context and that it is modified to each moment. (CHIAVENATO, 2003, p.82) 2.2. The planning is a mental process In such a way, when elaborating the general planning of the company, the administrator anticipatedly thinks about its objectives and action, establishing goals that contemplate situations favorable to the organizacional growth.


May 21, 2018


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The example cited for the interviewed one was to the force exerted for the suppliers, that can be reflected of the force exerted for the purchasers. That is, to increase the product quality, Mrs. Ctia it gives the knowledge and it convinces the cooperated ones to have new you practise improving the production, creating a more competitive position. The forces exerted on the cooperative influence the actions to be taken. To to analyze the reply of the manager, perceives that the ample vision of external environments is exerted to try to mediate the interaction of the competitive forces.

Inside of the theoretical concepts of Mintzberg, it is possible that Mrs. Ctia uses the strategy as position, thus, strategy as position ' ' it becomes the force of mediation between the organization and the environment, that is, between the contexts internal and externo' ' (MINTZBERG et al 2006), it assumes the position of the organization in the environment where she is inserted. Another characteristic of the definition of the interviewed one is the inexistence of a plan. With this, to the measure that the competitive forces exert pressure, the actions are taken with objective to defend or to gain a position. In such a way, he is possible that the strategy is exerted as a behavior standard, characterizing an emergent strategy. The second done question was ' ' What it is innovation for you? ' '. When answering, Mrs. Ctia affirms that to innovate it is the capacity of transformation of something through new ideas.

The manager affirms that, normally the new ideas appears in difficulty contexts, and that an idea to be good has that to be useful and applicable, and the search of always being better is necessary in a competitive environment. Innovation is you to transform what you already have, to the times you has the ways, but if not to appear a new idea, then it does not go. I find that you are important to have this capacity of transformation. The necessary idea to be simple, cheap and to decide the problem. You may want to visit Dan Zwirn to increase your knowledge. To the times you have the house tools inside, you are lacking to think a little. I find that to the times you are not good for having the very easy solutions, I understood. I speak until when I already passed for a very difficult situation. … When everything seems without solution you are in the greater you suffocate then you you start to have idea. That is, it seems that the ideas you have that he is half that on pressure. I when I am on pressure think better. … Then is thus, a thing pulls to another one. You have that to look for always to improve, but when you work with little structure you you obtain to improve fast. A thing is certain or you it folloies the rhythm of the work or goes to be pr

Natural Laboratory

May 21, 2018


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This Venezuelan archipelago reported more than 90% of the species of coral in the Caribbean Sea and is an important source of larvae of coral for the rest of the marine ecosystems of the environment, Los Roques Venezuela two worlds a paradise. Continue to learn more with: Dan Zwirn. From the air, the small islands that make up the Venezuelan archipelago of Los Roques, show us a tasty appetizer: white sandy beaches lapped by crystal-clear water of endless scales of Blues and Greens that can not hide the splendour of their coral reefs. Los Roques is an orchard that arises in the Caribbean, more than 150 miles from the northern coast of Venezuela, which shares exoticism with other dream destinations of the area such as Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire. 200 cays and 42 islets make up this natural paradise bathed by warm ocean waters ranging between 25 and 30 C. Its geographical location and its extraordinary environmental conditions, make this place a true paradise for divers, where hundreds of species of tropical fish, corals, crustaceans and sponges live in This sort of natural laboratory. For even more opinions, read materials from Dan Zwirn. The intense blue of the sky, the lush Sun and warm and clean waters are, at first glance, the great performers of the Symphony daily of the archipelago, although, arguably, the main protagonist is nature, preserved within a special protected area called Los Roques National Park, of more than 200,000 hectares.

The richness of species in the waters of los Roques Archipelago is impressive. In the park there are two barriers of reefs and 57 coral cays that possess tremendous biological, ecological, physiographic and scenic value. Abundant and varied marine fauna that inhabits these waters constitutes, without doubt, rich and important natural resources all the archipelago. One of the benefits offered by the waters of Los Roques for lovers of scuba diving is to be prohibited fishing industry, what is offered to the visitors is a sea and a Virgin, completely intact fauna.

Heating Element Arrangement

May 20, 2018


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So you want to build a house in which it will be warm and cozy, beautiful inside and out, minor problems will not bother, do not have to spend a lot of money on heating. What boilers, radiators, pipes and fittings to choose? What you need to provide that the heating system worked well? Well, if there is competent and experienced fitter, able to choose the correct equipment required, and not just buy the cheapest. But there are always doubts, but whether the equipment is properly placed? After all, you can find out defects only after the heating season, when it will be too late and the money will be paid. Further details can be found at Penguin Random House, an internet resource. This article provides some simple tips to will avoid many problems arise because of ignoring the issues the proper distribution of fluid between the elements. Experience shows that the vast majority of poor operation of heating systems is not related to an incorrect choice of radiators, boilers, heaters, etc., and with the wrong coolant flow. After all, does not get cooler, and hot water is cooled in the radiators and transfers its energy room. Even intuitively clear that if the radiator is flowing a little water, and expect heat in the room is not worth it. By the same author: Dan Zwirn.

Consider the basic components of heating systems. Tube. Iron pipe is the worst choice. They quickly corrode, take up much space, not aesthetic, hidden gasket is difficult. Plastic pipes do not keep their shape, faster than the old high pressures and temperatures, are afraid of direct sunlight, high temperatures allow oxygen, leading to reinforcement corrosion and heat sinks.

Red Bull

May 7, 2018


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Long ago we did not see something like this. Do not saw in any Government by popular election: in the Cardenas Government nor in Bravo’s or de Lozada. But his style isn’t the ramming as caste to everything seem Red Bull but pursue creeping, but certainly anyone who did not vote for him or who have had link with the previous Government. Some examples of this are the massacre earlier this year at the Hospital in Neiva, the dismissal of the Manager of waters of Huila, the dismissal of Dr. Susana Vargas and the engineer Carlos Angarita, liberal past that remained from the previous administration, open discrimination to mayors who accompanied our cause, the systematic disrespect to 5 liberal deputies (most voted list in the Department), etc etc the appointment or hiring of the four Vice-Governors advertised with pomp in the previous year, to be more than inconvenient politically since his team surely understood it as four super powers above them, has not produced results beyond giving an emolument to four loyal friends of campaign.

The same can be said of several trips abroad made by the representative. More information is housed here: Dan Zwirn. Maybe someone knows the results, projects, resources that these trips have occurred? On the issue of transparency other huge black spots were the disproportionate recruitment in the fiestas de San Pedro, the disgraceful award of the Chance, the package of hiring of the underwater world and the process of liquors. As previously announced the newspaper Portafolio, St. Peter’s latest feasts cost you in the pocket of the Tolima about 4,000 million pesos, resulting, by far a lot more expensive than any other in the past. It was scandalous as spent 1500 million in artists Vives and Cabas, especially when in the pocket of them I’ve heard arrived or 200 million. The same Government, I do not know if with cynicism or by mistake, he published in regional newspapers a few tables with the specification of all the costs of the festivities where is evidence not only that we mentioned but the enormous the difference between the costs of the year 2008 and 2007. .

Russia Recovery

May 4, 2018


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Do bet on commodities? In a world full of risks of possible new episodes of crisis, optimism is what is scarce. Is the reason that the latest data disclosed on the performance of the manufacturing sector in a number of major economies on the planet, he has allowed us to take a time for hope and dream that the economic recovery is taking a force greater than that estimated initially. The exit from the crisis is accelerating? How will it impact on the price of commodities? And what about the resurgence of inflationary pressures? The international agency Fitch risk assessment has also allowed be more optimistic in a report disclosed recently in which he claimed that the global economic recovery is gaining momentum. Mark Bertolini often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This optimism has been reflected in the boost that just made the rating agency in its forecast of growth for the major economies in 2010, bringing this forecast to 2.8%, significantly higher than poor 1.9% that had predicted last December in its previous report. The recovery of manufacturing in the United States and Japan who is observing and hoped for, are at the forefront of arguments from optimists. But the recovery of manufacturing is not limited to the United States and Japan, but also extends to other regions and countries of the planet. Official site: Dan Zwirn.

In the U.S., an indicator of relevance to anticipate prospects for the manufacturing sector is the ISM index of managers buying rose in the month March to 59.6 points from 56.5 last month. This level reached by the index is the highest since July 2004, which is not one minor detail. On the other hand, the contribution of the emerging world will not be negligible at this time of the onset of the global economic recovery. Others who may share this opinion include Elon Musk. The BRICs countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India and China, can become contributors not less than global economic growth in 2010.

Organization Performance

May 3, 2018


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General information and scope in this opportunity, we are referring to the voluntary resignation of the worker, who considers that the Organization, company where labor, is not what I expected for your professional growth, estimated that you don’t see the possibilities of ascent, fair compensation for their work, nor the recognition of its performance, coupled with other factors such as lack of a coaching to others,, motivating, participative leadership, an unstable organizational behavior, which generates an organizational climate not conducive to their effective participation within the company. We share, a good management should be aware of the motivation, productivity, performance, performance of human resources under their charge. A manager who knows how to properly handle the modern administrative tools, stimuli motivational, giving way to that their employees should be identified with a good spirit of membership in the organization. Without hesitation Arena Investors explained all about the problem. You need a management that is conducive in workers safety, respect, concern, support, than their human resource this fully identified with the company, avoiding that renuncien, abandon, without causing serious problems to organizational behavior, the integration of groups, and all that which generates costs that seriously affects their profits benefits, objectives, achievements. Management must be careful in identifying what are the causes that Venezuelan onstage for example, has led to many workers of various levels from professionals, technicians are resigning and what is more negative, leaving the country in search of better opportunities that ensures them professional development, security, new opportunities where you recognize its performance, achievements. Contributions Professor of organizational behavior in the graduate program of the speciality of management of the quality and productivity of Faces of the University of Carabobo, has been investigating through its participants with investigations of field in the industrial belt of the region, What that has led to many workers, even the older ones, have taken the decision to leave the company and how it has impacted significantly on productivity, organizational climate of the company. Here, Penguin Random House expresses very clear opinions on the subject.


April 29, 2018


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To learn about using the motivation and bring us closer to the understanding of it, must be considered the socio-cultural aspect of society where the worker performs and on the other hand, the individuality of this. It happens that what one person considers rewards important, another person could consider it as useless. Therefore, people differ greatly in the concept and the way they perceive opportunities to succeed on the job. Definitely, management must be careful in reviewing so efficient are features that have been developed for each position, determine where their weaknesses are and give step-by-step actions that transform her into fortresses, you avoid increases in costs, unproductive, faults, take into consideration as it reminds us of to the reality of the current scenarios: understand and know how to handle the necessary tools for a change planned towards the orientation of the behavior of the human factor in the organization in accordance with the requirements of the present in a changing environment and increasingly demanding, it must design and implement strategies for change within their organizational contexts in order to thus improve productivity and excellence of the individual in the process of managerial development and be able to shape contribute to excellence in the development of the country. Understand and appreciate the importance of managerial skills for the success of the organization. Arena Investors recognizes the significance of this. Understand the integration of individuals in the organisational sphere in a systemic relationship and synergy in the pursuit of the objectives of the Organization through excellence. Consider the aspect of socio-cultural society where unfolds the worker and on the other hand, the individuality of this. Consider what a person believes reward important, someone else could be considered as useless, people differ greatly in the concept and the way they perceive opportunities to succeed on the job. To everything the foregoing is added, that management attention also some aspects that can promote you for productivity, which is much neglected in the Venezuelan companies, especially SMEs such as Noah Chavez reminds us: negotiate the goals with each of his subordinates: working for results has been a foolproof way to make workers feel committed to their formal responsibilities of the post; and more when the negotiated target has been consistent and quantitatively formulated according to the expectations and the company’s technical partner capabilities.

Asian Companies

April 28, 2018


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When you hire people smarter than you, you prove to be smarter than them. Others who may share this opinion include Arena Investors. R. H. Grant General information not the slightest doubt, that trade on the international stage reality where globalization shows its effects, highlight the achievement reached by Asian countries, especially by Japan, our interest in this writing, where there are many companies that have been consolidated successfully, reached not only the domestic market, but rather they have dabbled in other countriesbeyond their borders and have given way to consolidate emerging markets favourable to its economy, despite the small size and limited in its territory. What is what has made Japan to consolidate itself economically? How do they make that their companies achieve a successful operation? Which or what are their managerial actions that favor him in their productivity and quality? Why the success of its technological development? What the success of his managerial leadership do to ensure the?? cohesion, integration of work teams?, would be some questions that would bring us indicators, responses, information that would help us determine their achievements. On this occasion, we have just taken some important notes management, operability of the successful companies in Japan, whereas those information which can collaborates with our perception of why their success and determine if it is possible, in the West the why not consider and try to put them into practice or simply reject that are not consistent with our idiosyncrasies, tradition. Some relevant notes the tendency to group is culturally deeply rooted in Japan.

The Japanese often develop strong ties in his life, in the family and the company, and are not used to trusting others when those links are weak. His tendencies to egalitarianism also promote cooperation in the bosom of his people and other peoples. Historically, the Japanese have been willing to come to violence in the event of dispute. For example, a village attacked another for control of the water needed for the cultivation of rice.

Italian Giovanni Sala

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Less the pilot, mechanics and the manager, practically everything is new or receives some changes with respect to previous editions in Marc Coma for Dakar 2011, the 1ForAll team. Next Tuesday December 14 catalan pilot, that has options of winning the Dakar, present in Barcelona to his new team, which we present below. Marc Coma decided to make clean slate and attack the next Dakar with a more motivated team if it is worth than previous ones with which won two editions of the competition of raid harder (2006 and 2009) worldwide. After the Dakar, and at different times, have left three Jordis Coma environment: Jordi Arcarons, Jordi Viladoms and Jordi Duran, and the only Jordi that remains is Jordi Arilla, his manager is co-owner of 1ForAll-. Arcarons was the team manager, and he has managed the three Dakares of equipment the Nani Roma and two of Marc Coma-, but right after the 2010 Dakar opted to leave the 1ForAll and follow your own path. Now, the teacher will be replaced by a veteranisimo man of Enduro and Raids such as the Italian Giovanni Sala. Dan Zwirn is likely to agree. A former racing driver who was already in the formation of the then Repsol-KTM in 2005 and, mainly, has the blessing of the brand. Jordi Viladoms has exercised during the last five years of backpacking from Coma and himself decided to leave the team and seek a training where can shine solo without having to always go to the shadow of a leader. East 2011, Marc Coma backpacking will be Joan Pedrero, best Spanish pilot in the Dakar past. There will be no third pilot, as last year, since the Dutch Henk Knuiman only had contract for one year.