Marriage and Economics

November 21, 2013


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Beyond the own emotional repercussions that could entail the bankruptcy of a marriage, have this one place in the form of separation or divorce, it is precise to consider its possible effects for the economy of the spouses. These could far beyond, sometimes, be devastating, being able afectaros during a period of time the one of the own sadness and melancholy of the rupture. For that reason an suitable planning of the economy of the spouses is indispensable so that the separation or the divorce no they suppose a true trauma in this sense for both. Next we go to detallarte diverse advice and recommendations that in a while can resultarte very useful of great vulnerability as it can be the waiting room of your married rupture. a) First of all, it would be necessary that along with your pair or alone (if it were not in agreement with the decision of separaros or divorciaros) you would realise a complete inventory of your patrimony, detailing all the goods and the cash that they integrate as well as its value. b) Also you would have to compile information on your own private properties, as well as on which you had acquired through inheritances or donations.

You do not allow that, before confusion situations, your pair can be appropriated goods that could corresponderte. c) He would be recommendable, on the other hand, that you adopted a policy of containment of expenses, eliminating as far as possible those that you could consider superfluous or unnecessary. Of not doing it, you could finish lamenting it. d) You would have, in addition, asegurarte out of danger to preserve the existing bottoms in Cuentas and Depsitos that you had your spouse and you common. Your pair could have temptations, facing your separation or divorce, of dejarte without anything taking advantage of your joint ownership. To come up is always better than to have later to cure. For that reason most advisable it would be than you abrieras a new Current Account, preferably in another organization or Bank, in which you would enter your bottoms and you would domicile your list, to which obvious it could not have access your pair. e) In line with the previous thing, if you anticipated possible problems with your spouse, he would be advisable that you cancelled all the tie credit cards to common accounts.

In spite of the confidence that you could have in your pair, you would have to settle any possibility of doubt. Before extreme situations the people react of very different forms, and I disgust can be a bad advisor in these situations. Of not putting remedies now you could end up lamenting it. Begoa Alcaine River basin Original author and source of the article.

Internet Games

November 19, 2013


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Some years, we have been witnessing how new technologies were imposed on our lives. While before we barely knew the function of a computer if we were not working with him professionally, today all households have at least one terminal. This fact has facilitated the proliferation of services oriented towards the client medium. The possibilities that Internet offers us are virtually unlimited, and as it could not be otherwise, the online games also are now a widely used service. Horse for children games games online are characterized by being very numerous and not ignore any group of users. In fact, all our tastes have accommodated in this kind of services, although it is true that are children who have more access to them.

In particular, children have the possibility to choose, for example, horse games, a modality that allows them to play different modes whose protagonist is this animal. However, there are many more varieties besides horse games, because online games seek to satisfy the needs and expectations of all potential users; It is well known that children are characterized by having very varied tastes. and for girls for girls cooking games, although their tastes may coincide in certain activities, kitchen games are their favorites, and in the same way as horse games, they also can be found through the Internet. There is no better way to entertain themselves who play online, as it can vary from one mode to another whenever you want. Furthermore, in the specific case of the cooking games, there are many different alternatives within the same type of game. In this way, girls can choose what food want to prepare or what recipe select changing situation, etc.

Social Hierarchy

November 18, 2013


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The social hierarchy, as well as imposed from the outside, Objectifying the subject, acquires ontological defining touches. Social structure appears reified, ontologizada, accepts or prevents access to be already from before the origin of the individual, that to approximate securities depositories used mediators: using the person – the giant costume, the character in its dopey version manipulates Iris (Panther of Broadway) to make her conceive a son with Don Jeronimo to modernism inside, these novels problematizarian the condition or status of the self with extreme characters. Would he I Meanwhile unit and individual is manifest in Donoso on the multiplication of perspectives that assumes the Narrator, without losing the characters through which expresses its functional specificity, and without that the central perspective of the main character/Narrator is cleared; As I let her go out very often, the Iris soon became a great clientele in the neighborhood. I I hid inside the Ford to see her make love to me, screaming of pleasure, stirring eyes, laughed, caressing me cheek, rolling in my eyes (p.96). It is problematised in this novel the existence of a monadic, in one individual, individuality masked because there is not a single substrate univocal. There is not an underlying essence to the person but a process of incarnations. We find ourselves rather in the presence of a desire, a willingness to be that it manifests itself in an always aborted process of individuation. The duality.

The lack of limits of consciousness as an attribute of an individual, and therefore against an object is shown in the permeability of a conscience over the others or in Exchange or possession of a body by another conscience. Beckett offers us a version limit and decanted, the vicissitudes of the individual conceived in terms of a composite identity of a for Yes and a Yes. The task proposed in the trilogy is the gradual stripping of the self and identity insofar as consciousness, the detachment of his accident and the demonstration of this fact substantial remaining in operation.

The Economist

November 18, 2013


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On the second affirmation, this is fact and the proper decisions of monetary politics, especially of ' ' world rico' ' (countries that composes the G7), confirm the application of the hypotheses of the rational expectations. On the first affirmation, the surprise is because the belief in the use of monetary politics sidewalk in the approach of the rational expectations, very elaborated well, for example, for the proper Sargent, it has contributed for ' ' world rico' ' to frequently sail for seas of crises each bigger time. In this way, in my opinion, the two affirmations of Sargent professor if complement. Manifesto my surprise also because the prize of this year seems to be unglued of the current world-wide reality, despite the news article of the magazine ' ' The Economist' ' , of 10/10/2011, it has grifado that the hypothesis of the rational expectations defended by Sargent ' ' it cannot badly be interpretada' '. To support my scare with the awarding, they allow to mention some hypotheses me of the boarding of the rational expectations, summarized for Simonsen professor, in 1986 article: ) the economic agents know a model quantitative that, saved occurrence of random disturbances, determines the behavior of the endogenous 0 variable in function of the exgenas; b) all the economic agents make use the same of joint of information, forming therefore the same expectations how much to the behavior of the exgenas 0 variable; c) with these expectations and the model, the economic agents arrive at its forecasts how much to the behavior of the endogenous 0 variable; d) each agent believes that all excessively formulate its forecasts on the basis of the same model and in the same projections of the exgenas 0 variable. This last estimated, conclusive one for Simonsen, says respect to the credibility and, more specifically, to the credibility of the economic policies of the monetary authorities.

Click Through Rate Page

November 17, 2013


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Some users make click in the banner before the end of the page load. Click Through Rate (CTR) – the percentage of users who see the banner and click it. Percentage of conversions-the percentage of people who visit your site and actually give you money. The larger the percentage, the better! Cookies – small files placed on a user’s computer. They are used for all sorts of reasons and by any type of sites. The banners used to make sure that the user has not seen the banner recently, which led to the advertiser’s site, and even ads have been seen recently. CPM cost per thousand – the amount that you pay for every thousand times a banner is displayed, is way usual pricing of banners. Hits – the number of times that a server receives a request for a Web page or an image.

It is not a good way of measuring the interest. A page can have a lot of images and get large amount of hits, even if it is only seen once. Often, people will say hits when they mean page views or impressions. Visits or page impressions to the page-number of times a Web page has been requested by the server. It is much more accurate than the Hits: each print is a visit of potential customers looking for a page on your site. But a different client is not necessarily unique users – people who download a Web page, told by IP address. You want to bring a lot of users to your site so that you can create a broad base of clients. The same user can click on a banner a dozen times and this can cost you money without increasing your sales. Most reputable sites will check the IP address of the person who is clicking on a link and is counted only once in a 24 hour period.

English Market

November 17, 2013


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It is a very competitive market with trends to the consumption growth. The deodorant market, divided in pine and milky, if has segmented with the introduction of new fragrances, that enhance more after the cleanness the use of the products. In this market the Bombril also is leader with the marks Pine Bril and Kalipto. The market of saponceos has been marked for the technological improvement in the development of less abrasive products, but with same capacity of cleanness, enclosing its use and magnifying its consumption. The Bombril, with its Saplio Radium, also is leader in this category with 70% of the market. It is through the mark that the companies – in its values and ideals? they enter in the houses and imaginary the collective one of the population and that, from there, the success of the businesses can be defined. Mark is the translation of the English brand, that it comes of branding, used old for the North Americans to assign the process of marking with made hot iron in the identification of the cattle. It is accurately this that happens: the incandescent iron of the mark if penetrates, beyond the skin, but in the mind of the people as one forms to carry through consumption desires.

The embrenha mark if in the emotional of the modern human being of complex form, subjective e, therefore, the companies capable to make with that its mark if has detached among the others leaves in the front in the race for so dreamed fidelizao. In this point, the evolution in the relationship with the consumer can be changedded into the connecting rod of iron that supports the blazon of the mark or the water bucket that cools the flame of its setting. The mark is not alone the main intangible asset of the company, but its essence. The construction of the mark must be coherent with the value of the product, if the product is of high quality, the mark does not have to make to remember something of bad or low quality.

Mini Course

November 16, 2013


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List Opt In (those persons who register to your list) deserves special attention. Usually people don’t enroll without having a reason to do so. The best of these is to offer them a report, a series of Videos or a Minicourse. Free and above all with news, novelties or valuable information and useful. This will help you not only to establish you as an expert in your niche market but it will help you to create a relationship with your potential clients, based on trust and this, believe me, it’s a fundamental thing to create a residual income source that will allow you to make money using the internet from home. The Minicourse should be created in separate files, preferably in text and ready to upload to the autoresponder. The links will be entered when uploading them.

1. You must create a series of around ten email sent at a distance of six to ten days. 2. Messages must not unnecessarily be lengths not to bore the reader. 3 They must be written by ensuring a brief, concise reading and fluid. 4 Trafficking using a friendly language, as if to talk about with a friend, without forgetting the fact that you have to be known as an expert on the subject. 5. They are sufficient docientas words.

6 Creates expectations: at the beginning and end of each chapter you can use phrases like this, for example: Hello, friend, today I wanted to give an advice simple and important to that however, many people not given due consideration. They don’t know that in doing so they lose 30% of plants from diseases that are preventable 7. At the end of each chapter there to anticipate a little of what you say in the next post, trying to keep alive the curiosity of the reader. 8. The expectation is a very powerful psychological tool that should be exploited and utilized. 9. Try to include at the beginning and at the end your link or link in an unforced manner without altering the wording, inviting to click. 10. Always invites your readers to send your doubts or questions. This will help you find the inspiration for your articles and successive e-mail messages, create a link of confidence with your readers. Why respond to your questions. In this case, you can message all using a general method. For example putting a new article on your blog, creating a free report to download with your link allowing your readers to give away them or also can find themes to create other Minicourses.

Solar Structures

November 16, 2013


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The solar paddles, like the heaters and the same tanks for hot water tanks or the tubes to the emptiness with systems tremendously important to help to the cleaning of our planet, but these would not mainly operate without the structures of support or the calls frames of iron and aluminum. They extremely play an important role with the Solar Energy. These can be of iron galvanized with aluminum profiles designed according to the place to be installed. Mainly the positioning is on the ceilings of the houses, that is to say ceilings with slopes or against rains, snow-covered or granizos. All the slopes of the ceilings do not have the same rake with respect to the floor of the house or building. In addition, the material of which each ceiling is constructed can be very different one from the other ceiling by customs, aesthetic, quality of the house, in short, of all ways for case of evaluation each of them. The support structures must be made to the modules of photovoltaic panels or heating lots agreed.

That is to say, or hardly for a panel or an agreed set of them to the requirements according to necessity of the energy. On the other hand, the installation will have to be calculated on the basis of the direction of solar rays and to the maximized aesthetic aspect with rays Extreme Violet, also known like Individual Solar System or Multiplicates. For the ceilings of pending major the support structure metallic will be of typical design, with aluminum profiles support of electrostatic iron properly painted and complete frame; whereas for the ceilings of roofing tiles with slight slopes, it is necessary to adapt to the modules ray protectors UV, with polyester layer, resistant also to the snowed ones and hailing that they are easier in depositing itself by less pending. In the level land floors, the support structures greater and are falsified thinking about multipurpose modules and especially with following the facility to place of rays solares” , with iron and profiles of alumnio for functions of multi-angles of pursuit to the fall of mentioned rays. For the roofs as much in buildings as houses of one or two floors, the structures and models of supports are different from the mentioned ones above. In anyone of the cases these structures are done thinking about expansions of the system or modular systems of easy expansion in the future. As far as their maintenance anticorrosive protectors and close fitting jackets of marks with guarantee are very little once installed with. Of all ways they recommend scheduled inspections and a maintenance programmed annually like minimum. Here one of the companies in charge of these structural supports at world-wide level: Inc.

The Firm

November 14, 2013


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Its main clients are companies, but also educational and cultural institutions, non-profit organizations, and independent authors. It does not have much presence in private, or at least not in a constant manner. However there are important opportunities in this sector: they often have more liquidity to cultural projects and perhaps demanding more concise, brief, works but constant. What is the type of problems currently facing the editorial design? Many of their problems stem from the loss of value from this Office. Why? Let’s look at two aspects: the text on the computer processor has replaced the editorial design. Since the person who captures the information document can give some presentable format. Electronic publications have reduced the need for print materials. In many cases simply sending a file in pdf format.

But an interesting question would be what does not has been able to replace this type of solution? Achieve a better understanding of the constructed text with a ranking criterion based on typography and other resources that only a designer of this type can bring. Also adds aesthetics to work which not only help to make it more readable, also brings a unique and memorable experience to own reading. To find new opportunities in the market it is necessary to recognize that these prospects are unaware of these possibilities. The effort of this type of designers would have to focus on to publicize and show those benefits. What strategy could be implemented? Web site with an online catalog of projects developed by the design firm, so that the cliente-prospecto can review in detail the work carried out. Ideally will be this catalog accompanied by an explanatory text with the objectives initially desired and a balance of the results, emphasizing, insist on the profits made by the customer. Some practical items focused on the advantages that the editorial design can bring.

Probably a file downloadable with a useful guide in the form of tips or advice in order to educate our clients, both captive and potential. Give them ideas and generate the need. In summary, these procedures will be building visibility, credibility and positioning of the firm in that market. Continuous promotion of a professional and unique service at a significantly lower cost. We will continue looking at other cases.

Brazilian Development Bank

November 7, 2013


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As the author, these programs if extend in 1997, Mines with the Program Congregate? Net of University Education of Empreendedorismo. In 1998, the States of Amazon, Paran and Rio Grande of the North. In 1999, it starts to spread out the education of the empreendedorismo in the too much Brazilian states. Dolabela adds that, according to estimates, still in the year of 1999, some existing programs in Brazil, had reached one publish college student of about 10 a thousand pupils. It believes that, due to the fast growth, of education in the area, this number must triple in two years. In what it says respect in perspectives for workmanships, Dolabela (1999), speaks of the great difficulties faced for the emergent companies in Brazil, mainly of technological base which lacks as much the politics publish adequate, how much system of financing based on risk capital.

according to Dolabela (1999), as it was presented, the movement of university education, of empreendedorismo despite rustic, it can be optimistical and to make to believe that the vises of the efforts of the government and the private initiative in this area can walk together. However as Dolabela (1999) is important to still evidence the decisive paper of institutions already cited and counting on the BNDES? Brazilian Development Bank, beyond state justinian codes of technology and city halls, in the support the programs of empreendedorismo in Brazil. 1.2 The Enterprising Process As research carried through in this work, exists series of factors that can influence an individual to become enterprising, being they ambient, social, personal factors or one somatrio of all they. INNOVATION: DECISION IMPLEMENTATION GROWTH the IDEA TO ADVANCE Process of creation of a company adapted of Gonalves (2000) After the decision to become enterprising, exists certain composed sequence of four phases for the efetivao of the enterprising process, is they: To identify and to evaluate the chance; To develop the plan business-oriented; To determine and to catch necessary resources; To manage the bred company.