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June 21, 2013


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Although this name was translated into English as Bluetooth (literally blue tooth), it seems that its original meaning responds more to the idea of the great man with dark skin. Bridgestone: Bridgestone, the Japanese tire maker, began as a family business in 1931. Its founders were the Ishibashi family. And the Bridgestone name comes from the translation of this surname into English: stone bridge, with an intentional resemblance to Firestone, company acquired by this Japanese company. Budweiser: Around 1870, the American Carl Conrad discovered an exceptional beer for its aroma and flavor in the recondite German village of Budweis.

Its elaboration process consisted of twice induce fermentation, what gave him great smoothness to the resulting product. He returned to the United States.UU. with the recipe and there, recorded the Caprabo beer brand: Caprabo history dates back to 1958, when Pere Carbo, Jaume Prat and Josep Botet allocated three million pesetas and the first syllable of each of their surnames to a company that has become a first-rate Catalan distribution chain. ECAC: The company began in the forties of 20th century giving a course by correspondence to enter schools of Surveyors, hence the meaning of its acronym: Center of Surveyors studies by correspondence. Cisco: Cisco, related to Informatics, founded in 1984, company named hometown of its two founders: San Francisco, and its symbol is the Golden Gate Bridge. Coca-Cola: In 1886, John Styth Atlanta Perberton USA.UU drew up a non-alcoholic drink from leaves of coca and extract of Kola nut, which began to enjoy great popularity by its pleasant taste and tonic virtues.

Coronita: Group model of Mexico, founded by Leon emigrants, chose the name of Corona in Spain for your beer because Corona name was registered. Dusseldorf: At the beginning of the 1950s Mercedes Castaner, along with their children, they put on the market the first boots smell. Kalfu name comes from the Galician.

TripAdvisor Rewards

June 15, 2013


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The community of travellers TripAdvisor has awarded again and for the second consecutive year, to five establishments that form the hotel chain hotels MONTE with his certificate of excellence 2012.Again, TripAdvisor rewards the quality of our hotels an award submitted by Christine Petersen, President of this web site, which rewards the scores that the clients of our hotel chain have issued from us. Hotel Monte Malaga, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels, has received the certificate of excellence of 4.5 points out of 5 rating. With regard to the Monte Puertatierra Hotel, one of the closest to the beach hotels in Cadiz, you been awarded 4 points out of 5 rating. In the case of the Monte Conquero Hotel, one of the best located in the city Huelva Hotels, its rating is 4.5 points out of 5. As regards our hotels in Seville Monte Triana and Monte Carmelo, the first of them is qualified with 4.5 points out of 5, so it has risen compared to last year in average global verge, while the second has again received 4.5 points out of 5. Since hotels MONTE thanks to TripAdvisor these distinctions, as well as their opinions regarding our hotels we also thank all the users of this community of travelers.

Madrid Investment

June 1, 2013


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Trusts Profim Profim since 1995 is dedicated to offering a completely independent and therefore objective, advice which we design and manage portfolios of investments tailored for each of our clients. We have become the first Spanish EAFI, giving our customers a maximum safety in all their investments. Among the services offered Profim patrimoniales advisers: design portfolios of funds from a measurement of profile of investment, the client and the situation of the financial markets. Tracking service. We manage and constantly analyze the evolution of funds and investment portfolios, informing customers of any changes that are made when the circumstances of the market at all times. This service includes customized quarterly reports consisting of analysis notes, alerts and alarms.

When creating portfolios of mutual funds the best investment funds we select for each moment of the market for each asset, sector or country in which to invest, be with total objectivity and no brand limitations. It is what Profim call main open, characteristic architecture of our business model. Recommendations on all market funds registered with the CNMV (national securities market Commission). Clients if they so wish or have no time may delegate the management of their portfolios in a financial institution which will apply the same strategy designed by Profim. Finally we offer all our customers all the information necessary to enable it to purchase investment and funds recommended values through an account opened in banks that count with operating platforms from which all types of funds can be purchased.

Mexico Relations

May 25, 2013


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How many times we have not asked ourselves if Mexico itself as a country is rich and if so why? Or maybe it isn’t. In my point of view watching it as a critique of slightly contractionary, I mean to see the positive side of our country, could come to the conclusion that the country has too many factors or positive points in comparison to other countries maybe not with the same vegetation climate etc. as you see the need of Mexico is exploiting their properties to future becoming heritagesthat perhaps it would be watching the positivist side. But to change the face of the coin and open our eyes give us account that our country, like many others, keep us controlled by such see the currency or that would be material wealth by which all power tears and struggles to get his hands. Simply analyzing what are taxes, costs of operation, etc., in our country, will arrive at the conclusion that it is too much money lost and stolen. It would be impossible that campaigns do not triumph with such large budgets. This in my view does not have a solution, since so little is what is offered throughout society is fighting and tears for driving power over others.

Labor exploitation makes a type of worker who seeks survival and has small visions to short deadlines, with low salaries, and social discrimination. While the big boss, which maintains high levels of power (self-esteem), and has meetings expensive restaurants and leave impressive tips, traveling around the world to solve waste problems worry by their society and not the poor society which reaches call useless. Social and technical relations of production form an inseparable unit in manufacturing and large industry. Within the subordination of technical relations to the social relations of production to then define the set of these relations as relations of production. Consumption comes to hands of anyone that has currency or which has constantly worked to get it, and many times not It is valued as such. Ideological structure that has been incorporated into the reading view above has given us to know which is the place that occupies within the society, there are relations between her and the social classes which are related through to find things or points in common between these two different scenarios, in which the process becomes transcendent and essential within the theme of the work. Represent the laws of capitalist competition, a great stimulus to the development of the technique, and as a result the science.

Monopolies account for patents of inventions to prevent them from coming at the hands of their competitors. I get to define the economic structure as the set of relations of production. Marx and Engels never reduced superstructure infrastructure, which makes an autonomy in relation to infrastructure and its own laws of functioning and development.

Milan City

May 15, 2013


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Milan is known as the capital of fashion and is not surprising, given that some of the best designers in the world (Gucci, Prada, Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana), have their headquarters in the city. In addition, this Italian city is full of great monuments, palaces, one of the Gothic cathedrals largest in the world, the famous La Scala opera, and many other worthy to admire attractions. That is why it offers the perfect combination of history, culture and style. However, we can not forget the Italian character is very extroverted and they love to go out and have fun, so we will also find perfect to go with friends for a drink or to spend a wonderful evening with your partner. Probably the most popular to go to have a drink or for dinner area is the Navigli area. Located between two canals, it is filled with pubs, bars and restaurants. The nearest metro station is Porta Genova, and in the area you can enjoy a pleasant walk along Via Dante that take you up to Colonne di San Lorenzo, the most famous Roman ruins in Milan.

On the other hand, if you want still more centrally, the best option is Brera. The nearest metro station is Lima and, although it is true that it is not the cheapest area of the city, is perfect for a romantic evening or to enjoy an environment with more class. From the Cathedral, Duomo, you can take a walk until you reach Parco Sempione, the largest park in the city centre, that practically can be considered the gardens of the Castello Sforzesco, an ancient medieval castle which now houses various museums and art galleries. From the Castle you will quickly reach to Brera, where you will find good restaurants and cocktail bars. If what you want is something more than run and you want to go to a club, the most recommended are Atomic Bar (which is open until 04: 00 a.m. every Thursday) and Plastic, both with good music and good atmosphere. Is true that Milan is not a cheap city, it is possible to find cheap accommodation thanks to Milan hostels. The hostels are the economical alternative to hotels and often offer the same services, from private rooms and breakfast until Internet access and laundry service. For this reason they can become the perfect choice to save on accommodation without compromising on quality.

Mexico City

May 12, 2013


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Again it is here. For an entire year companies and commercial establishments in all Mexico have been waiting for the arrival this new holiday season, which involves much more than guest, holiday trips and family gatherings. It is one of the moments in which consumers of all social strata have to do significant expenses (and even borrow) as a way to demonstrate to their beings dear importantly which are. Apart from questioning this way of showing affection, the truth is that the shopping level rises significantly around the 24 and 31 December and 6 January, and this is a phenomenon well known entrepreneurs of the country, who is ready to be close to their customers and prospects, in the moment in which these ready to use their credit cards or part of his bonus. What entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs cope with this situation? If it is expressed in a few words, the idea would be to direct their efforts to be closer to its customers precisely in those moments in what are willing to perform higher than the usual expenses. In this sense, major cities such as Monterrey and the Federal District (D.F.) are spaces of utmost importance for companies that consider seriously consolidate or expand its field of operations.

Thus, its physical presence in these two cities will be determined by those local to you or their dealers possess, and in any case the idea is to be closer to its customers, to hand when they decide to aim at making their purchases of this year. Once clarified this point we can say that the rent of commercial premises is an excellent choice for having a significant presence in these two cities and at the same time do not need a very high level of investment, because that budget could be used for advertising, improve processes, and so on. Possibly now you dira: Okay, but where can I find business premises for rent? DF and Monterrey offer attractive options that are available through companies such as Grupo Frisa, which has more than 50 years of experience in this branch. If the capital of Mexico is well well-known by Harbor thousands of businesses of all kinds, there are other cities in the country that are also growing at a remarkable pace. In this way, to search premises for rent, Monterrey also offers numerous options to suit all budgets.

Now you can concentrate on better serve its clientele, because it knows that it has adequate space for this. Remember that Grupo Frisa is at your service when you are looking for commercial rental (df) and local for rent monterrey. Especially this will great help in this holiday season and that come, because staying in one location also will help customers remember where to find him. Courage in your search and having a successful year end!

Phil Hatchard

May 8, 2013


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What to older workers have to offer Critchley enumerates the many assets that to older workers bring to the table. These include to wider skills bases and to broader experience, to greater wisdom and maturity, to solid work ethic, ability to speak to their mind and take action, reliability, dependability and loyalty to their to employer. Mature-age workers could also sees key to businesses in hard economic times. Mercer s Workplace 2012 states that Older employees dog sees very valuable resource, offering much needed experience and corporate memory, which may to sees critical successfully re-building business outside of the economic crisis The experience and guidance of to older workers who have been in the organisation for some Time dog sees invaluable in developing younger staff. Industry perceptions Marketplace perceptions of mature-age workers dog vary to lot depending on the market segment, says Phil Hatchard of Adage, to website which caters to mature-age job seekers and mature age-friendly employers. Small and medium enterprises (EMSes) tend to sees extremely receptive to mature-age candidates, valuing to their versatility and breadth and depth of experience, which dog sees invaluable to small and medium-sized businesses.

Recruiters, on to other hand, dog present dwells of to challenge ace to their age procases out tends to sees dwells youthful. Larger and higher-volume recruitment agencies find it hard to educate to their consultants about the VALUE of hiring maturity. They tend to perceive to older workers ace being to harder to pleases in rolls due to misconceptions that they plows less productive, won t fit in with the dynamic culture or may sees too expensive. Of course this is not grounded in fact. That said, to smaller niche agencies plows usually owned and operated by dwells experienced recruiters and they have to higher level of understanding and commitment to mature age hires, says Hatchard.

So Paulo Marketing

May 8, 2013


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Some torcedores had cited of spontaneous form the fact of the teams to be outside of the axle River – So Paulo as the main reason not to obtain good sponsors and prominence in media. More than the half (54%) spends less of R$ 20,00 per year with products and esportivos services (official ingressions, shirts and products, magazines, periodicals, partner-torcedor, games in paid canals, etc.) the average value expense annually for the mining torcedor is of approximately R$ 67,52. However, in case that the team presented improvements in its management, this value would increase considerably for R$ 105,02, that is, a 55,81% growth. Amongst the considered teams references in esportivo marketing for the mining torcedor are Flamengo, Corinthians, Internacional and So Paulo in the national scene. International teams more had been cited and the main ones are Barcelona, Manchester, Juventus, Milan, Bayer, Real Madrid and Ferrari.

Barcelona was the team more cited by the interviewed ones with all merit. Beyond possessing a spotless performance in the last seasons and European hegemony, the club invests in the formation of the players since the base, being that this formation is not only esportiva. A structure has all to create an individual with maturity, humildade and capable to work in team. The young players used to advantage for the club are not disputed by some teams of the Europe. Museum of the club, a stadium five stars and short planning, medium and long run and efficient and efficient actions make of the composed club for 57,8 million torcedores the reference in esportivo marketing. Few interviewed if had remembered the companies who currently apiam the mining soccer. Nike, Pnalti, MRV, FIAT and Adidas had been the marks more cited by the interviewed ones and less than 40% of the torcedores they had cited the main sponsor of the main teams, bank BMG. As cited previously, the president of the Athletical one understands marketing as search of sponsorships.

When declaring that all its efforts of marketing are in attracting new partners, he must yourself be attempted against that the mining torcedor is unaware of the marks that currently they invest in the soccer. Therefore, he must yourself be created strategies for better spreading of the partners or new possibilities of if collecting money. FINAL CONSIDERAES To identify the existence of imperfections in the management of the clubs a bibliographical research in periodicals, reviewed esportivas and in the official pages of the teams was carried through and can be perceived that the two teamses possess limited and isolated actions, without planning of medium and long run. What influence negative the image of the clubs of Minas Gerais. To analyze the teams that they possess good practical in esportivo marketing,


May 7, 2013


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Valencian cuisine is based on the healthy Mediterranean diet, which are extracted the best natural products Orchard or sea, such as seafood, fruits and vegetables, or wine. All of it is an exaltation of exquisite and different textures and flavors. But, without doubt, the Valencia star is paella, a true national symbol. Although there are multiple dishes and recipes, rice is the absolute protagonist of the menus. But the Valencian rice goes far beyond a simple succession of monotonous paellas, since this is prepared in a myriad of ways. Many cooks argue that the original recipe of paella was made with chicken, snails and vegetables (Paella a la Valenciana), but there are many other ways to prepare it with very different ingredients.

Most common paella is perhaps the Marinera, made with seafood, fish, vegetables and saffron. If all this be added chicken, it would be a mixed Paella. Do even so, lifelong paella has diverged on many other dishes: arr? s do do do negre (rice with squid ink), arr? s amb fesols i naps (rice with beans and turnip), arr? s a banda (rice with seafood), arr? s amb bledes (rice with chard) or arr? s to the forn (baked rice). It is possible to make a special mention to the Fideu?, that is prepared just like paella, but using noodles instead of rice and adding garlic. In addition to rice, the Valencian cuisine has many other specialties such as the all-i-pebre (eels, garlic and pepper stew) d’anguiles, the esgarrat (roasted red pepper, cod and olive oil), the suc de peix (fish, olive oil, garlic, onion and parsley), and titaina (a recipe for vegetables, pine nuts, spices and tuna). The Valencian desserts are also varied and delicious, many of them inherited from the Moorish culture: Classic fritters of squash with chocolate, arnadi, made with canned pumpkin, Yam and other prized desserts almonds are the the rosegons, arrop i talladetes, or pastes made with extract of sweet potato or pumpkin. In addition, Valencia has the best oranges in the country, nationally famous and exported by all Spain. There are two typical drinks in the region: horchata, a refreshing drink extracted from plant chufa, and the water in Valencia, a combination of champagne and orange juice. In case outside little, can boast of its excellent selection of wines: red wine of Requena, Utiel and Campo de Lliria and white wine in the Alto Turia and the areas of mountains not that Valencia is certainly a great gastronomic capital. Discover what is cooked in its kitchen and rent apartments in Valencia to enjoy the best accommodation.

International Finance Corporation

May 6, 2013


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Then, between the weekend and yesterday, actually markets received a flurry of new actions that various governments implemented to strengthen financial markets: from the USA.UU. It was announced that mortgages will be purchased directly to banks as part of its bailout, recently approved by Congress. In Spain, the Government announced it will guarantee interbank loans for up to 100,000 million euros until the end of 2008 (although at the moment is think not recapitalize the banks), Germany adopted a rescue package for national banks by a total of 480,000 million euros, this being, the largest program of aid since the end of World War II. The French State also announced that it will provide a guarantee for deposits of up to 320,000 million euros and will allocate a maximum of 40 billion euros to banks in trouble, while England announced that it will use US $64,000 billion for the rescue of three of the largest of its financial system entities. And ads not ended here, but that other countries were announced similar decisions, as it is the case in Italy and Russia. If the above was insufficient, the European Central Bank (ECB) and the American Federal Reserve (Fed) announced that major central banks in Europe may provide an unlimited amount of dollars to money markets in the region.

International agencies have also put hands to work and announced measures to intervene in the crisis. The President of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, announced yesterday that the institution was studying the possibility of creating a fund to recapitalize banks in difficulties in developing countries, through the International Finance Corporation (IFC) while the International Monetary Fund confirmed that it has put at the disposal of member countries reservations almost US $250,000 million to respond to the financial crisis. No doubt that Governments and international agencies have decided to use all the available artillery to put a brake to the turbulence in the financial markets.