Learning English Abroad

September 16, 2012


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The program to learn English abroad is one of the most solicitd by thousand of students and professionals who need to dominate the language to fulfill their objectives. For it, the schools and academies of languages are worth of the courses languages foreign to teach the English to the students of different nationalities. But, which are the objectives that many want to fulfill after learning abroad English? Each student has his personal objectives, but next we will describe most generic: Main objectives labor Objectives: Nowadays, to have knowledge of English is an essential requirement to occupy a job in a company. Every time they are plus the companies that they demand like requirement to dominate the English and to have it like second language. For that reason many professionals are conscious of the importance of learning English, through the courses languages foreign, to progress professionally and to guarantee their future. Academic objectives: In the most important universities of the world, they demand his students of other nationalities to speak the English like his second language, aside from his maternal language. Then the university centers, enable to their students according to their professional races so that they can confront the challenges of the globalisation and that includes the barrier of the language in the human relations. For that reason every time the students who attend the scholastic time, take advantage of their vacations to study English abroad, in order to be better preparations when they realise his university studies. Enterprise objectives: The industralists recognize that to compete in the market with other companies and abrir new branches in other countries, is important that the workers who integrate the company have a knowledge advanced of the English, to take care of the needs of foreign clients. In view of it, many companies enable their personnel, by means of the courses languages foreign, so that they dominate the English and they can contribute to the development and expansion of the company.


September 4, 2012


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In the last years, we have blamed to bad communication of great part of problems that now we have, and in that sense has said that stress labor has his origin in bad communication, that the problems of the young people must to the bad communication, that in more of 40% of the families exists bad communication between its members (study Young and Values of Social Obra of the Caixa), or we almost gave to the bad communication the totality of the affective ruptures. It would seem one of the ten Biblical plagues. But what is the bad communication. Peculiarly, and as which usually is habitual, when we have the identified cause, happens is that the nature is not known the same well, and in this sense, is very complex to define what favors a precarious interpersonal communication. However, if it is necessary to apply in different scopes, a series of theories that come to come up to us with her, in affected atmospheres more. There are many more barriers in the communication of which a priori we could to consider, so that, he is not exceptional that enters what I mean, which I say, which is heard, which is listened to and what finally it is put in practice degrades the communication, sometimes, of such way, that one becomes impossible to be understood with something of coherence. On the other hand, it is very probable that in the development of a conversation we have felt, sometimes, that our intentions enter conflict with those of our interlocutor, so that while I am trying to communicate in a sense, the intervention of my interlocutor is in another level of totally different communication, which does almost impossible to obtain any type of healthful connection. An authentic mess. According to Miquel Bonet, president of the consultant of selection ABR-Action Consulting can seem that sometimes we expressed ourselves badly simply to avoid the crude truth, but in many cases which is obtained is indeed not to make us understand, that it would be the unique aim of the communication, forgetting that of the enterprise world the unique sense of the information consists of to make it productive, and we hid if it to not is worth us But all the problem does not reside in which it tries to communicate something.

Municipal Group Socialist

August 23, 2012


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We read kindly and we remember the underlining. We can read, also, in the Day of Friday, 11 of March of 2011: " CC it asks to Matos that resigns by having " mentido" on enterprise plots. The president of Canary Coalition, White Perez, wishes that the spokesman of the Municipal Group Socialist leaves his position of councilman because she has forced it to Justice to rectify on the accusations that removed to the public opinion, regarding the existence of determined interests between companies and the group of government. " Continuous exposing: " Perez, who was accompanied by the coordinator of campaign of CC in the Lagoon, Juan Manuel Bethencourt, affirmed that to the rectification done public days ago " it is the consequence of an irresponsible campaign of the Socialist Party, with his spokesman Gustavo Matos at the top, of loss of prestige not only of the group of government in Aguere but of the civil servants of consistorio". " For the president of CC in the Lagoon, " the practices absolutely are worth must disappear of the policy because not only they have to do with the politicians, but have consequences for the civil servants, have damaged to canary companies who employ canary, and to play with that, more in the times than they run, is not correct. That we know to the politicians serios&quot to it; . The president of nationalistic formation indicated that " somebody must measure the consequences of the lies, determined practical policies is necessary to exile them " . " Those will be the citizens that punish those practices, that type of attacks with treachery and premeditation, since they have come doing the last years in the Laguna" . " On the other hand, Juan Manuel Bethencourt considered that " five lines cannot be the verdict of a lie strategy and falsification as use corriente" .

Good Constructor

August 4, 2012


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The Constructor is the top person in charge of the correct execution of a work. This is a Universal truth. Taken care of! the Maximum, does not mean that he is the Unique one. The constructor, is the one that has the obligation of the result. That is to say, to give the work as one has projected. But or he can not be the person in charge of all the additional tasks or defects that take place during the work. When deciding by a constructor busc a balance between friendly Trato – Technical Trajectory – Economic Solution – Price.

And in that same order. That is to say, a friend, who knows the office, without urgent economic needs will encontr, and whose price adapts to your budget. It seems Difficult to you? I do not create it. The difficult thing is to finance 20% more of the work by the errors of an inexperienced constructor, that yes who is Difficult. A very common error is to choose to the constructor ” Solo” by the budget more cheap. If you choose a constructor by a price very, very low, surely something lacked to budget, and is one safe signal of future problems.Or ” will bring thousands to you of tasks; Adicionales” or ” it will do the very fast work to you so that they do not give nmeros” him; or thousand different things that they can happen.

A vitally important point at the time of comparing budgets of different constructors is to have provided a Metric Calculation to them. ” The same for todos” If all budget as it seems to them will be a tremendous chaos to be able to compare you them. I assure to you that you will not be able to do it accurately. The budget is one of the factors to make the decision. Not the unique one. The money that you save by a cheaper budget you are going, it to spend soon in repairs. He is laborious I know, it, but the search is worth the pain. It can be that the initial price is somewhat more stop but in the long run, You will save money, but mainly Dolores de Cabeza.

Social Contract

June 30, 2012


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When the civil insubordination, the chaos and the street violence are in a same scene, dangerous social vortices with devastating and opposite consequences to transforming the pacifist spirit are created and of the civil disobedience. Which are the main strategies of the civil disobedience? What type of social chaos produces? 1. – The origins of the violence: For many students of the human conduct, the origin of the violence resides in the nature or human essence, for it they have talked about authors as Hobbes Takings that from the century XVI it affirmed, in its famous text the Leviatn, that the law that reigns in the society is the law of the jungle, that is to say, the law of more hard; " that the man is the wolf of hombre" and that therefore, requires a social pact so that the human coexistence is possible. This author went ahead to the Social Contract of Rousseau, which stipulates that, in exchange for guaranteeing security and protection to them to the citizens, the State the conmina to delegate in him its freedom and to confer obedience to him. Necessary condition so that the men can live civilizadamente in society. Other rapporteurs maintained the opposite position, that the origin of the violence is not innate, that is that is not in the human essence, but in its social, political, economic and cultural agreement. For it, they leaned in the existencialista current as philosophical frame, adducing that " the existence precedes to esencia" , that is to say, that we are not born with an essence already given exactly, but to each it is it man constructing throughout his life, in the measurement that is realising free and conscious acts; and consequently, it is responsible than it is doing in and of his life. Therefore, it will be the social condition surrounds that it what makes arise the violence.


June 26, 2012


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The fundamental thing to only work in equipment or, is the difference between knowing how to listen the other part or to try to be right. The interchange of ideas serves to become rich mutually, that manages to understand and to accept that, has a world of possibilities against himself. LM: No, certainly no. All the ideas of Diego would not be and perhaps the potential of some of mine either. Which is the part most difficult to work as director of ROBS? DC: Sincerely nonencounter a subject that is difficult as far as the daily work. In truth there are subjects that take more work than others and by all means there are certain tasks that please to me more than others, but generally I am contented. LM: I suppose that, like in any business, to decide after the things do not come out well.

We are a company that new born, still we have much to do. And funniest? DC: One of the tasks that I like more and I do that it by pure personal complacencia, is to investigate the market all along, to investigate in Internet tendencies, to read articles, to learn new things all along. I like to look for in Internet everything what ROBS can be useful to continue innovating. I enjoy publishing from interview to project Publishing house, likes me to guard by process publishing, although there are stages within the process that I feel more comfortable than others, I enjoy to have an idea and to see it time later shaped in reality. LM: To celebrate after the things yes leave well. Supposing that the complica business and you are due to stop directing ROBS, You would have some other work or you would try to follow in the literary world? DC: IT ROBS is a strong bet for us, sincerely I do not see in the short term looking for other alternatives outside the line of the publishing house.

Network Marketing

June 17, 2012


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Who does not want to work from house? If in fact it has many advantages, You can define his own working hours, one would forget to clock on and off to one hour exact and one forgets stress that produces and most important never it must respond to him to a head. In addition, like a proprietor of business from house, you have the potential to win exponentially more than ever I imagine. Nevertheless, there are so many opportunities to work from house available that is often difficult to choose the one that considers a good one option for you and that has the potential of income that you look for. In order to help him to make its decision, I enumerate five elements here to him keys in order to choose the opportunity to work from house. 1.

The Network Marketing Although it is certain that everybody is not successful in the commercialization in network or multilevel, the principles that this system applies is really excellent. After all, the commercialization in network is essentially product sale by means of the system of mouth in mouth. This approach allows him to arrive at an increasing number of people and to harvest the financial rewards to construct its own downline. In the process, the potential for the residual rent is created whereas it enjoys low indirect expenses and the opportunity to work when and where you want. In addition, when you raise with a lever yourself in the network of based commercialization in Internet the potential of gains multiplies, you you are not limited by geographic limits; their clients and downline can reach global proportions, definitively this verified that the commercialization in network or networkmarketing is an excellent opportunity to work from house. 2. He chooses to a company that offers multiple products Every day, you use dozens of products.

Selling Clients

June 13, 2012


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Where they are the potential clients? There are several sources to which it can have access to create its own list of potential clients and to send direct correspondence or to make telephone contact with the enemy. The direct commercialization and the lists of mail of serious sources are an advisable way to identify and to obtain lists of precise and directed sales for their business. Another good source of possible clients is its present base of clients – it offers discounts, flatteries or other incentives to the clients who bring new businesses to him Once she has a list, is moment for starting up the process of sales. Moral convention is to communicate with the majority of the potential clients early in the morning, or after the 6 p.m. – often, it is possible that these calls are received by responsible people to make decisions. It remembers to fulfill the norms ” Not llamar” and ” Desinscribirse” (or other applicable laws) before making some type of direct promotion.

2. It asks nonreport. A call of sales is not the moment for demonstrating everything what you know, you are the moment of to discover what it does not know on the potential client – and what they do not know of you. Many salesmen use the calls of sales to concientizar to the possible clients about their products, services and industry, being thought that will stimulate the interest. It is not his knowledge which sells, but the effectiveness with which adapts that knowledge to satisfy the specific needs with its possible clients.

If the potential client feels that you offer information him that does not adapt to its needs, loses its interest and stops listening to it. 3. He makes the questions correct. The unique way to discover the needs and expectations of the potential clients is making certain questions: What results hope to obtain? What is most important for you? Why? If it could eliminate two or three of his greater headaches, which would be? What factors consider when it chooses a supplier? It listens to his answers kindly; it makes more questions to obtain major clarity if it is necessary.

Ecological Management

May 26, 2012


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In the final stage of our study on as to carry through an improvement in the questions of environment in this pet shop, that in them it takes the idea of the heading Ambient Management Versus pet Shoping, we evidence that a market niche that before seemed harmless the nature, now it can be responsible for the production of serious ambient problems when if it does not use of adequate techniques of preservation and that everything has a solution to reduce the impacts that the commerce and companies in way generality can cause the environment. However the ambient techniques if make necessary in the current days in view of the serious difficulties that our planet comes in the last few decades crossing due the lack of awareness of the humanity during some years, destroying the nature and producing catastrophes enormous as become of great scales, tsunamis tidal waves, global heating, glacier melting, increase of the water level of the sea, destruction of the fauna and flora amongst other series of ambient impacts of small great transport. Alerting and acquiring knowledge the people who are the small attitudes that make the biggest differences, to become a better world. All the attempt to preserve the nature is valid before the society, in view of that in a general way the people have increased its degree of ecological awareness in this finish century, the technological innovations has brought for us some collateral effect that are visible in the nature, for this reason believe that the preservation techniques must be applied the all the people, but with main approach in the polluting greaters that are in first place the great companies followed of the commerce in general until arriving at our homes. Thus each one making its part and giving the contribution for the environment, as shoping is the case of pet that we analyze I begin that it seemed ecologically harmless, but after a study I sink presented points to be corrected making an innovative management.


May 22, 2012


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We suppose a State that has done the had thing, for example, according to the World Bank, has established a basic legal ordering, maintained surroundings of nondistorting policies, including the macroeconomic stability; invested in basic social services and infrastructure, prote’ge’ to the vulnerable groups and defendant the environment. We suppose a State that obtains, by means of aggressive policies and reforms, to control the inflation, to lower the interest rates to acceptable levels, to lower unemployment to understandable levels, abrir its economy, to privatize the unnecessarily estatizadas companies or to desmonopolizar the construction of infrastructure, the social benefit of good part of the sevicios public, services and other goods and services that have been inefficient, to create an essential, strong and nonarbitrary base institutional, to protect, in due form, the public order after to have agreed to La Paz with the insurgent groups, to protect the property, to end the economic insecurity in the home (avoiding the misery in oldness through systems of pensions, helping to do against catastrophic diseases by means of health insurances and offering attendance, in case of loss of the work, with insurances of unemployment), to control the corruption, to extend the citizen participation to good part of the democratic instances and, in short, that manages to close that ample existing breach between hoped of him and its own opportune possibility of answer, accommodating, since the same World Bank has said to it, its functions to its capacity. That is to say, we imagine a state that distills optimism and is attractive for the investment. Good, no? Now we imagine that it would happen later. Before as much efficiency and so good conditions are not exaggerated to anticipate the massive coming of foreign investments. It would not either seem to us stranger who the national investors, instead of to be producing use and development in foreign countries return to bring their talk.