May 7, 2013


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Valencian cuisine is based on the healthy Mediterranean diet, which are extracted the best natural products Orchard or sea, such as seafood, fruits and vegetables, or wine. All of it is an exaltation of exquisite and different textures and flavors. But, without doubt, the Valencia star is paella, a true national symbol. Although there are multiple dishes and recipes, rice is the absolute protagonist of the menus. But the Valencian rice goes far beyond a simple succession of monotonous paellas, since this is prepared in a myriad of ways. Many cooks argue that the original recipe of paella was made with chicken, snails and vegetables (Paella a la Valenciana), but there are many other ways to prepare it with very different ingredients.

Most common paella is perhaps the Marinera, made with seafood, fish, vegetables and saffron. If all this be added chicken, it would be a mixed Paella. Do even so, lifelong paella has diverged on many other dishes: arr? s do do do negre (rice with squid ink), arr? s amb fesols i naps (rice with beans and turnip), arr? s a banda (rice with seafood), arr? s amb bledes (rice with chard) or arr? s to the forn (baked rice). It is possible to make a special mention to the Fideu?, that is prepared just like paella, but using noodles instead of rice and adding garlic. In addition to rice, the Valencian cuisine has many other specialties such as the all-i-pebre (eels, garlic and pepper stew) d’anguiles, the esgarrat (roasted red pepper, cod and olive oil), the suc de peix (fish, olive oil, garlic, onion and parsley), and titaina (a recipe for vegetables, pine nuts, spices and tuna). The Valencian desserts are also varied and delicious, many of them inherited from the Moorish culture: Classic fritters of squash with chocolate, arnadi, made with canned pumpkin, Yam and other prized desserts almonds are the the rosegons, arrop i talladetes, or pastes made with extract of sweet potato or pumpkin. In addition, Valencia has the best oranges in the country, nationally famous and exported by all Spain. There are two typical drinks in the region: horchata, a refreshing drink extracted from plant chufa, and the water in Valencia, a combination of champagne and orange juice. In case outside little, can boast of its excellent selection of wines: red wine of Requena, Utiel and Campo de Lliria and white wine in the Alto Turia and the areas of mountains not that Valencia is certainly a great gastronomic capital. Discover what is cooked in its kitchen and rent apartments in Valencia to enjoy the best accommodation.

International Finance Corporation

May 6, 2013


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Then, between the weekend and yesterday, actually markets received a flurry of new actions that various governments implemented to strengthen financial markets: from the USA.UU. It was announced that mortgages will be purchased directly to banks as part of its bailout, recently approved by Congress. In Spain, the Government announced it will guarantee interbank loans for up to 100,000 million euros until the end of 2008 (although at the moment is think not recapitalize the banks), Germany adopted a rescue package for national banks by a total of 480,000 million euros, this being, the largest program of aid since the end of World War II. The French State also announced that it will provide a guarantee for deposits of up to 320,000 million euros and will allocate a maximum of 40 billion euros to banks in trouble, while England announced that it will use US $64,000 billion for the rescue of three of the largest of its financial system entities. And ads not ended here, but that other countries were announced similar decisions, as it is the case in Italy and Russia. If the above was insufficient, the European Central Bank (ECB) and the American Federal Reserve (Fed) announced that major central banks in Europe may provide an unlimited amount of dollars to money markets in the region.

International agencies have also put hands to work and announced measures to intervene in the crisis. The President of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, announced yesterday that the institution was studying the possibility of creating a fund to recapitalize banks in difficulties in developing countries, through the International Finance Corporation (IFC) while the International Monetary Fund confirmed that it has put at the disposal of member countries reservations almost US $250,000 million to respond to the financial crisis. No doubt that Governments and international agencies have decided to use all the available artillery to put a brake to the turbulence in the financial markets.

Coffee Capsules

May 5, 2013


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Coffee capsules or coffee pods are a type of coffee express in which is inserted a sealed capsule containing coffee, through which pretends to be hot water at high pressure, thus obtaining a cup of coffee. Coffee capsules have been a commercial success for your convenience and ease of use, by the quality and homogeneity of the coffee, and require very little maintenance or cleaning, multi-bebida models that can also prepare tea, chocolate or tea to exist. Features coffee capsules are a type of express coffee using coffee pods, a container that contains the correct amount of coffee for one cup of coffee (between 5 and 7 gr). The main advantages of the coffee capsules are: comfort and ease of use. Easy to clean. Quality of the coffee, since the capsule retains the aroma of coffee and protects it from the humidity. Homogeneity of coffee obtained, since in the coffee capsules dosage or tamping of the coffee are always the same. There are available capsules from tea, cappuccino, coffee with milk, chocolate or tea coffee capsules become multi-bebida machines. The disadvantages are: high cost, both machines and capsules. They are not interchangeable closed proprietary systems, so the user is forced to use coffee capsules and the distribution network of the capsules of the patent holder manufacturer. Coffee capsules systems there are many formats of coffee capsules, see the main: Nespresso: developed by Nestle, stands out for the quality and variety of its coffees. It has different coffee capsules from manufacturers such as Krups, Siemens and Delonghi. The capsules are distributed by Internet, phone or in their stores, present only in capitals. They only have coffee capsules, being its higher price than Dolce Gusto, Tassimo or Senseo. Dolce Gusto: developed by Nestle, like Nespresso. Krups manufactures their coffee capsules and they are solid and easy to use. Not they have variety of Nespresso coffees but have chocolate and cappuccino and their capsules are available in supermarkets, being its price lower than Nespresso. TASSIMO: Kraft system, their coffee capsules manufactured them Bosch and they are multi-bebida, since it has wide variety of brands (Milka, Starbucks, Carte Noire, Jacobs, Kenco) and preparations (coffee, coffee) with milk, cappuccino, chocolate and tea. The machines are semi-automatic, a barcode embedded in the capsule controls the preparation of the drink, being similar to Dolce Gusto capsules cost. Senseo: Philips system, coffee capsules, coffee with milk, cappuccino and chocolate, standing for the price of capsules and machines, is lower than the competition.

Seine River

May 2, 2013


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The bike in the French capital with its 400 miles of following tracks current and its future 600 kilometers from here to 2012, the French capital has allowed bicycles fall within the urban landscape as if it were one vehicle. Their programs as breathe Paris, velib, Paris Plage in summer, offer additional incentives to exit and walk the streets of Paris by bicycle. Entire neighborhoods as well how the Quays of the Seine River, remain closed to traffic motorized Sundays and holidays, transformed into pedestrian streets and tracks for cyclists. Make an opportunity to take fresh air and enjoy the unusual Parisian atmosphere inmperdible only 5 years ago. Already bicycle in Paris became one vehicle and in this sense the cyclists already won a great battle.

This obviously entails respect for the traffic laws, fines are also designed for the cyclist that does not respect anything! Bicycling by paris asks obviously respect the laws of the transit without conditions. Logical doesn’t it? Because the bicycle? The great advantage of bicycling by Paris is without a doubt the possibility of discovering a unique panorama of the capital. Movements are facilitated due to the characteristics of this city, plain and without large hills. Arrive at the Church of the sacre coeur, is the only point of Paris where reach is quite difficult due to the height of the place. Devices for bicycles in Paris regardless of the season, Paris offers multiple possibilities to discover the capital by bike: Velib: bicycle in free service the following tracks system are open and adapted to bikes throughout the year. If you dare, follow them and allow you to stroll through Paris without difficulty. Paris breathe: every Sunday some neighborhoods are closed to auto traffic. The same happens in spring on the occasion of the celebration of the bicycle.

In the summer during Paris-Plage heritage days or the nuit blanches also will allows you walk without having to worry of the cars to your around. When it comes to the French capital for the first time without having too much experience in riding a bicycle, the challenge of walking the streets of the city light can be a little intimidating. In my opinion velib may be a solution even if it’s a service too oriented toward the Parisians to my taste. Some problems arise when using Bank cards from other countries or incredible oblivion of fully translating the instructions given on the screen to the Spanish. Paris bike with a guide if you arrive with little time and not know the streets of Paris sufficiently well, a solution just be created: Paris by bike. Visit Paris with a Spanish-speaking guide who knows the city perfectly and in small groups, almost familiar form this is the proposal of visits are pleasant due to the small number of participants and it allows you to discover the city without fear to lose you and following the tips in the guide that leads you to discover the great monuments of paris but also more intimate and unusual places. The trips are made every day, do not hesitate to consult the siege of Paris by bicycle for more information.


April 29, 2013


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Here is a consultant, a professional external and with training in the subject serves as Coach of the Manager. Once agreed a contract starts a process of 3 months up to 2 years of Coaching. The hiring of the external Coach can run on account of the Organization, who seeks to provide punctual support to the development of one or more of its managers, either can run own manager account, who seeks a personal level professional support to your role. The second category is presented when the Coach is internal. Here the Manager with a background in the subject and sufficiently trained for the role officiates as Coach of their executives and employees. This method responds to a program institutionalized in the Organization, where the Manager assumes the role of Coach and begins a process of Coaching with some of their immediate collaborators.

This program usually is framed inside of what is called executive development and in its first phase usually begins with an assessment of performance, feedback 360 or surveying of needs of managers in terms of competencies required in the Organization for the achievement of such or which strategic objectives; to which follows a process of Coaching for those managers. In its second phase, is a vocational training which in the first phase were Coacheados into them at the same time Coach of their top executives; the role of the Manager as Coach is so institutionalized in the organization. The first phase of the program is usually done with an external Coach, as well as training in the second phase, then the execution, maintenance and with them the know-how is already as the capital of the organization. In accordance with the previous approach type (2003), internal coaching is that takes place within the companies themselves. It consists of a particular period and is carried out in a given time, always looking for well formed goals.

Corporate Communications

April 25, 2013


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Public speaking is a skill that requires training and practice. Speak with authority and confidence is essential in most companies today. These are techniques that executives use to communicate information to groups within an organization. Training in corporate communication is a special training designed to teach a person how to must present business to working groups information. For a communication training plan required a formal training, which helps the individual to submit his ideas with clarity to business executives. This normally includes the requirements for dress, talk, and writing techniques.

A business manager uses these skills to communicate information to teams, managers, or the customers of the organization. Writing for business skills are often taught in the classes of corporate communications as a corporate training plan. This form of writing requires clear and concise definition of matter and with the formal attributes of business. Some examples of business writing emails, formal, proposed letters and briefings. Each form of business writing has features in both style and formality. The charisma is required for the majority of speakers. Training in corporate communications with a good training plan teaches a person how to persuade and educate your audience.

This requires the confidence and assertiveness in techniques of tones and the presentation of an individual. A kind of training in corporate communication is designed for criticism of all areas of communication skills. This includes suitable for an audience of business attire. When a good formation of corporate communication plan is developed, people who are pursuing must have the ability to accept large changes in your life. A speaker of business must know your audience and know the best way to communicate with them. He usually wears formal clothes when you It gives a presentation to a group of companies, and this provides the perception of professionalism that is lacking when it is presented with a typical casual clothes. Learn the techniques of communication requires much practice and is for this reason that a good training plan should be created many spaces to gain confidence, having fluency and, above all, lose any fear of business audience. Good meeting management is another skill that is taught in classes of a good communication training plan. This normally includes techniques on how to create and run a business within an organization meeting. A good meeting includes an agenda, defining the problem, and the expected result. By following these three simple processes, each meeting manage to be productive and informative for the group.

Corporate Gifts Company

April 6, 2013


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A good way to change the destiny of your company and think a good way to do it. Starting out there you will notice that customers what he likes is to feel loved, to respect, to give them confidence, that have a good deal, and of course that when companies gave them with corporate gifts. Do corporate gifts is the oldest technique and most used by all entrepreneurs already are Spanish or not, since this technique they have realized that your luck can change in moments with more uncertainty though speaking. Entrepreneurs already not can sleep since the companies make corporate gifts to all its customers, fairs, conventions, events where they will many people of different classes and levels, its suppliers, large executives that are those who take the decisions when it comes to form part which greatly benefit you could win if you earn your trust and your business. This is why why must think company gifts which are most suitable for every moment and for every audience. The This is very volatile, it is a time of uncertainty, in which firms feel afraid when making decisions, but this decision of advertising is something so necessary that it would lack even that removed money from a few things to make this advertising campaign, because all the money invested in making corporate gifts will be multiplied him or even triplicate in a future short. On our website we have a wide variety of items to make gifts of company and many prices, which are adapted with safety to their prospects.

We give her a team of professionals eager to devote himself fully to this investment to get their fruit, not leave you wane and that your business is what you wanted it to be when you opened it. Its objectives will be ours and we will provide sufficient support so you can choose company gifts more in line with your business. We will print your logo on company gifts, thus achieving the effect of advertising, and thus get to clients or other persons who are presented with these gifts do not become indifferent and want to be you faithful for a long time more. Not falling apart and take other alternatives like which I proposed to you at this time, you will not regret.

Paraguayan Language

March 19, 2013


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PROPOSED incorporation of the GUARANi as official language of MERCOSUR published by the original reading (click): guarani, which was historically the first element of integration in the region, is proposed to become together to the Spanish and Portuguese the official language of Mercosur, reported specialists. However, still lack that Member countries ratify the initiative, they assured sources in that native language, during the 1st International Congress on language and identity dynamics in the bicentennial, which takes place in the city of Resistencia. The catalan Jesuit Bartomeu Melia and linguist, anthropologist, philologist and educator Paraguayan David Galeano Olivera drew a historical and current panoramo’s native language. While the priest and anthropologist Melia reviewed the situation of the language before and after the independence of Paraguay in 1811, that highlighted the almost total absence of documents in Guarani, Galeano Olivera explained his influence and effect in million speakers. Although 95% of the population in 1811 spoke Guarani, the Declaration of the independence from Spain was drafted only in Spanish, said Melia.

The catalan Jesuit noted that indigenous languages were permitted in the countries of the region before the processes of rupture with the metropolis but then began a process of persecution. Guarani, language of millions in this part of South America, has six varieties: firstly the Paraguayan, which is spoken by non-indigenous; in Bolivia, where recognized three; the mbya, the kaoiwa in Brazil, the ava and the ache, the latter also in Paraguay, enumerated Melia. Galeano Olivera scholar highlighted the presence of this language in place names, in zoology and botany, and the vast territory (Paraguay, part of Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia) that its speakers occupy and asserted that guarani until the arrival of the Spaniards was the prime factor of integration in the region. It is no coincidence, he said, that the guarani has been proposed as an official language of the regional bloc because it represents the native American identity in a deep way, therefore advocated its early recognition that involve the issuance of documents – among other things – also in that language. Galeano Olivera mentioned difficulties in the Paraguayan capital where the globalization process impacts, in this case the hand of Spanish, to the local language, but he said that candidates for the communes which do not speak Guarani, do not work. Prior claim to the vast audience that will join a campaign to make Mercosur officially announced to guarani, stressed that process Integrator also reached linguists because it now works in articulated form. The scholar considered legitimate and sincere spirit of the Congress of languages, which will culminate Thursday in resistance.

Image Instrument

March 12, 2013


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The instrument that is used for this measurement is the audit of image. You can not design or drafting an annual strategic plan if we don’t know how we are perceiving our different specific audiences before. Many institutions use the service of monitoring news to measure their image, and they consider that it is sufficient, but this is only a part, of the media, the media profile. An audit of image should be considered in an integrated manner in such a way that it will serve to make an assessment of all the aspects that make up the image, which are equally important, such as the value of its brands, the service to the customer, financial reputation, the opinion that employees have and that projected abroad, to cite only some variables.

It is advisable to hire a market research firm to do an audit of image since they count with the structure, staff and appropriate measuring instruments. It is important to consult or ask for references from previous work that these firms have been made for other institutions and assess their expertise on these issues. So that an audit of image is complete should be given 4 important aspects and that, for me, they encompass almost all the areas that are of interest: financial (financial reputation and capital structure) image commercial image (value of product, customer service) and the value of brands the internal image (the internal climate and employees) public image (image in the media and in public opinion) especially if a company just passed by a crisis media situation, audit of image measuring impact or damage the corporate image could have suffered and that affects the value of brands, mood of the employees, the confidence of creditors and suppliers. The indicators obtained can serve as reference for a repositioning campaign image if necessary. An audit of image is not a study that was efectuamuy followed, unless this wants to say that debemosdescuidarla image of the institution. Permanent monitoring and auditing, for me, is a starting point for henceforth, creating monitoring mechanisms. Image auditing tells us where we are and, on this basis, we can decide where we want to go in terms of communication.

International Lease Finance Corporation

March 6, 2013


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The national flag, Aerolineas Argentinas line incorporated ten new ships to its fleet. The aircraft have an entry scheduled between April this year and October of 2012. The first delivery is estimated by the end of this month and the lease is for a term of 5 years (60 months). With this action, the company joins the set of airlines that are in the way of investment to expand its services such as Lan and Tam. The agreement was endorsed by Aerolineas Argentinas, Dr.

Mariano Recalde, President and CEO Henri Courpron, ILFC and will allow this airline to expand its frequencies as much as their airfare offer. These 10 aircraft possess equal configuration to which currently comprise our B 737 NG fleet, in what refers to power, maximum weights and distribution of passenger seats. They granted to airlines the possibility of having commercially homogeneous fleet of 22 new-generation aircraft for the year 2012. The full incorporation of these aircraft will reduce the average age of the fleet of 15.6 years, in 2009 to 10.8 years in 2012, i.e. a modernization of 31% in terms of average age. Some considerations: the Lessor, prior to the delivery, agreed to increase the power output of the engines and the weights of take-off of aircraft at intended by Aerolineas Argentinas, in order to have the same characteristics as the 10 Boeing 737 – 700 leased that are currently operating domestic and regional routes. The aircraft will arrive with exterior paint according to the new corporate image.

Also changes inside cabin to 120 in tourist and 8 seats in business settings. B-737 – 700 the 737-700 has a range of 6,000 kilometers (3,200 nautical miles), allowing you to make flights more than seven hours. Is its maximum cruising height of 41,000 feet and its maximum speed reached 0.82 0.79 Mach, while economic cruising speed is Mach (853 KPH)-aircraft are equipped with two CFM56-7 turbines, manufactured by a joint venture of General Electric, United States, and SNECMA of France which are characterized by their low fuel consumption and lower maintenance cost. These models incorporate a new design of its wings, advanced technology, which increases the surface of them allowing an increase in the capacity of the fuel tanks. The Boeing 737 are the family of commercial jets of top-selling in history, with an order of more than 5,300 units, exceeds the number of aircraft in all their models of any other aircraft manufacturer. Henri Courpron ILFC CEO on entry to the International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) as CEO in May 2010.