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With regard to the easinesses, two units had appeared: sensation of freedom financial autonomy. HEALTH PROBLEMS For Figueredo and Tonini (2006) the aged ones frequent they have more than a health problem, with atypical intensity and presentations, what it increases the complexity and the necessity of detailed evaluations lapsing of personalized nursing. How much to the health problems, it is expressed: ' ' only the problems n, treats the illnesses ' ' S.3 ' ' the only difficulty mine, pra me to live thus alone, is when I have this problem of column that attacks me ' ' S. 7 In what it says respect to the health, what it is observed is the existence of two aspects related to the condition to live alone: the problems of health and the treatment of these illnesses. On the other hand, lesser number of illnesses would be waited, that aged that they live alone they presented better conditions of health, as well as, better functional performance, important aspects so that they obtain to remain itself alone.

One another argument would be valid and imply that aged that they live alone they would have one worse condition of health, for not having somebody to help in the routine activities, to serve of company and to take care of in necessity cases. How much to the routine activities we find: ' ' in such a way in the hour of the service ' ' S. 9 ' ' it is, I pro leaves house center with the bus because I have problem in the knee I do not have courage to travel pra far. I have 3 children liveing in Santa Catarina and not yet I was to visit they, I have fear n, in the bus n, swells the foot ' ' S. 10 the aged one has some limitations generated for health problems.

University Groups

October 14, 2013


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The economic situation, unemployment, the crisis and the political present time generate multitude of groups where the users of Facebook leave their commentaries. Thousands of people, in their majority young, use these to give their vision of the present time. List: tens of crazy groups in Facebook. The Spanish internauts sharpen more and more his I devise to add followers to their groups of Facebook, that hide ironic social critics to the diverse aspects of the society, from the policy to the television or the economy. Tens of thousands of internauts, the majority of young them, are added to groups of Facebook with funny titles that criticize the majority of times more the commented subjects in traditional mass media. The economic situation, unemployment, the crisis and the political present time generate many of the groups that are created in Facebook, initially to take a smile and to add followers, but with a sociological background of acid critic, like more than 45,000 people than they have subscribed the group " In Spain we left the University preparations ". More than 54,000 people they have signed in the group: " In Spain, finished the race you have three exits: by sea, earth or aire".

More than 92,000 internauts they abound in the economic crisis and they think that " , money can’t buy happiness good yes, but I am that I am very raro" , and others are in the group " I have neither iPad, nor iMac, nor iPhone because noniDinero ". " To know how English to be waiter, but does not stop to be president of the Gobierno" he is another group in Facebook, that it has more than 50,000 followers and it aims critically at the curricula of the politicians. The loss of prestige of the political class by the individual actions of a few has caused some politically incorrect groups, like which it calls to that " In the next elections Alibaba votes, the thieves are only 40&quot there; , with 56,389 followers.

Sustainable Development: ** Starts For You

October 7, 2013


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The search for the development sustentaveldeve to be something first personal, therefore demonstrates to the agreement decade on this necessity, and thus the work in team will only make adiferena to reach the waited results so that if terum can better world for this generation and the next ones. To be sustainable, estimates the first moment only in the ambitosocial, harms and necessary that possamo to go beyond this simple assumption, therefore he is resulted of all the personal acts that if practise all osdias, since the choice of a product come of not sustainable origin ata lack of commitment and devotion the social causes in the way where sevive. The great companies have a great parcel of culpanodesiquilibrio that today exists, harms to deny perhaps that talvezproporcionalmente the small enterprises contribute maisnegativamente that these companies can be something made a mistake. Both precisamesta in accordance with the rules you specify of its activities, nojustifica to leave of side its obrigao with the sustentablidade alone for queainda if she is a small company. It is clearly that she is necessary that has development, harms what seprecisa to understand is the cost of that this development estacontencendo, therefore if so that it aconte is used more recursosque the necessary one to keep what he is used for this and asfuturas generations, this development will not be sustainable. One is paper decade to be to charge all to its redor its participation econcientizao on the subject and that all can contribute so that sustainable hajadesenvolvimento in sau house, quarter and city. When if it had is expression, if it is necessary to have in mind that oprincipal objective and obligation of each one, it is to make use of that setem available in resources but in such way that the generations futurastenham the same chance and conditions that today have been offered. Personal Acontribuio, either with a project to plant trees, sejapara to teach devoid communities to develop new chances dese to have alternative incomes, or only one group that helps the pessoascarentes in social projects, everything this will generate positive impacts noambito social-economic-ambient, and only based in this tripexistara so longed for sustainable development.

Organic Substances

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1 INTRODUCTION the ground is not constituted only of particle remaining portion of rocks, but also of remaining portions of plants and animals. The particles of the rocks are the mineral components and the remaining portions of plants and animals are the organic components. The present work has the intention synthetically to show to the definition of organic substance as well as its importance for the balance and fertility of the ground. Inside of this context, it is discoursed on the humificao processes and mineralizao, later becomes one brief communication the use of the organic substance in sustainable agriculture and conclusive they emphasize it importance of its diverse papers in the use and the conservation of the ground. 2 DEFINITION OF ORGANIC SUBSTANCE the organic substance of the ground is composed for the remaining portion of plants and animals. The USA organic word because one mentions the remaining portions to it of organisms, and these in turn are formed mainly by organic composites between which it has four great groups.

The carboidratos and proteins are most important, as much one as the other possesss a fast decomposition, contributing for the nutrients of the ground, as nitrogen (n), match (p) and sulphur (s). Another one is the lignina, a highly resistant composition, that persists in the ground being part of hmus. Finally, we have the lipdios (added with waxes and resins), that also they are component resistant and they contribute with sulphur (s) and match (p) for the ground (GUCHERT, ROUSSENQ GRANDSON, 2007, P. 23). Therefore we can define all material organic substance as of organic origin in high state of decomposition. 3 the IMPORTANCE OF the ORGANIC SUBSTANCE OF the GROUND the presence of organic substance is basic for the maintenance of the micron and mesobiota of the ground, therefore the action of the decompositores on this substance goes to return to the ground the necessary nutrients so that the beings livings creature that inhabit the ground can acquire energy to survive and also to keep the balance and the conservation of the ground.

State Reduction

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The National Plan of Reforma Agrria (PNRA) was elaborated by INCRA and had counted on the participation of known defenders of the agrarian reform, of syndical controllers and assessors, tied to the Contag and ace too much entities of representation of workers in the field. The Constitution of 1988, the Reformation and subject of it I capitulate Economic Order and Social it appears for the first time in a Brazilian Constitution. In it was assured that the property must take care of its social function. The Constitution also universalizou the previdencirios rights that the agricultural workers and familiar producers, understanding one to it high degree of covering the level of minimum wage. In accordance with Favero (1998), the year of 1991 was of the great agricultural reforms, with the adoption of the first National Agricultural Law (n 8,171) and of the complementary Law (n 8174) essentially aiming at to open the space for the market.

The law considers the increase of the participation of the private sector in the commercialization of agricultural products, the reduction of the State in the importation of agricultural products and definition of clear rules in the control publishes in the supplies. At the beginning of 1992, all the barriers you would not tariff I deal for it of rice, soy and staple fibres had been abolished, and the differentials between the taxes of agricultural interests and of the market had been reduced encarecendo the credit. Since then you vary other measures they had been adopted, leading to an increasing flexibilizao and will desregularo of the sector (1998, P. 47-48). As it describes Freire (1999, P. 82) in the first half of years 1990, two elements can be detached in the Brazilian agricultural politics: 1. The process of commercial opening of the economy, with the reduction of the aliquot ones of importation of farming products and of you scheme and agricultural insumos; implying the entrance of agricultural products mattered to concur with the national production; 2.Abandono of the PGPM and reduction I credit of it agricultural, with substitution of the sources you publish for private sources.

Additional Tip

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Make itself is important, but is not the goal, the most important thing is that being that you generate with you. I.e., enjoy what you do, choose to do things as a pretext to enjoy your day. Remember, a way to strengthen your self-esteem is to get goals and meet them: because you know within yourself that you meet your commitments with yourself, that increases your respect for yourself, your unwavering confidence and your sense of efficacy. If you have course that want to do, what hours you can do best and how you want to do so, your personal performance increase and your satisfaction also. Additional Tip: If something is very difficult to start, starts equal and say to yourself that you will only do for 10 minutes; Although not complete it may have noticed first step that often tends to be the most difficult.2 Additional Tip: albeit the quality of what we do is important, to seek perfection can be a symptom of postponement; dare to have confidence in your abilities and the same way of doing will show you the keys to excellence. Remember: We do according to how we are, but we can also be according to the way how we do.In such a way that if you start by doing what better can, by learning curve, you will do better with time and it will take you to become more efficient.

It starts now! * ALL find time to do what you really want do * * time runs slow for those that ESPERANMUY fast for those that TEMENMUY long for those that SUFRENMUY short for those that is DIVIERTENY for those that love the time is eternal * are going to choose to live time from now with what the emotions described above?Remember: Only need one person to change your life: your. If you want to understand Act! how has impacted it this article?Enriches this place with your comments. do have problems in this topic? I can help you. Be to create the life you want. Enriches this space with your valuable comments do have problems in this area of your life? I can help you contact me. original author and source of the article.


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It is necessary to remove the coffee pot from the private one and to share it with people. Cuauhtmoc Cardona the companies are integrated by work parties, where each of them has its responsibilities, commitments, I put, objectives that to fulfill. In the form that these are integrated, defined the functions of each individual integrate that it, combined to the cohesion, integration of efforts, knowledge, abilities results that not only favor to the company, but to the members of all the equipment are obtained. It is very certain when it is indicated, that the unique way so that a business can grow and to increase its yield (or its utilities) is increasing its productivity. And the fundamental instrument that it originates a greater productivity is the use of methods, the study of times and a system of payment of wages. Of the total cost to cover in a typical company of hand metallic product invoice, 15% are for direct manpower, 40% for general expenses. One is due to include/understand clearly that all the aspects of a business or train – sales, finances, production, engineering, costs, maintenance and administration are fertile areas for the application of methods, study of times and suitable systems of payment of wages. It is necessary to remember is said to us, that the philosophies and techniques of methods, study of times and systems of payment of wages are equally applicable in nonmanufacturing industries.

For example: Sectors on watch like hospitals, organs of government and transports. Whenever men, materials and facilities conjugate themselves to achieve a certain objective the productivity can be improved by means of the intelligent application of the principles of methods, studies of times and system of payment of wages. Definitively, when life occurs him and they are put to act the work parties is expected of them efficiency, productivity, of there its importance of knowing how to integrate them, to coordinate, to watch, to control, more when she is manager, the leader of the organization.

First Commissioner

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Some scholars on account affirm it to be originated in the east of the search for the ideal foot for sapatinho. This because old in China the women arrived to atrophy its enfachando them, similar to obtain to diminish them the possible maximum to be to become more beautiful. The history of Cinderela treated here is based on the version of Perrault of 1697, in a century that daily pay-iluminista where the new ideas and conceptions started to even arise in the women, before so restrained. As example, the French writer was frequentador of the literary halls where ' ' preciosas' ' they counted many histories where the women had great functions; fairies and protagonists represented the virtuous side of the women. for having a concern with the woman in stories of Perrault is that this article emphasizes the feminine arqutipos. Much beyond the arqutipos, analyses are made to explain the behavior in the real life of the children, but they are lingered here in the exemplary standard of the feminine figures and also it becomes some references of what it is happens in the real life. Therefore it has synchronous, however diacrnicas analyses however, but, clearly, always supported in great studious of literature and the psychoanalysis.

Charles Perrault: the sculptor of the feminine image Charles Perrault it was born in Paris, 12 of January of 1628. It studied in the College of Beauvais, in Paris, and was admitted as lawyer in 1651. -financing/’>investments already – you may have come to the same conclusion. He abandoned the profession, he was helping of the brother in the Administration of the General Finances, secretary of the Academy of the Registrations and of the Beautiful Letters, First Commissioner of the Constructions became. &#039 relaunched in 1687; ' Complaint between Antigos and Modernos' ' , where it displayed ideas at the time contrary effective, which defended the domination for the feeling of superiority of the authors of the Antiquity (Greek and Latin), and the aesthetic ideal of the classicismo.

Wealth Project

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The problems that arise are: o Uncertainty about the actual system response to the impact generated by the project. You can estimate the answer but sometimes it is difficult to determine what the actual behavior of the system to change. o Lack of information about the project or strong deviations from it which may be significant in determining the overall impact of it. To quantify the impacts arise somehow impact indicators, which have to be: o Relevant. or reliable.

Representatives of the impact to be measured. Exclusive, ie that its value mainly involved measuring the impact and other factors. or completed. Identifiable and measurable (although the fact should not be obsessed quantify everything, because you can always go to categories semiquantitative or qualitative measures) Impact indicators can be designed with two approaches: either Reductionist (Simple: Temperature, pH, concentration of pollutants, floor area, etc.).. Disadvantages: high number of variables which leads to a high number of indicators and difficult to synthesise the impacts when the overall assessment. Advantages: simple, easy to measure.

or Holistic (structural indices: Diversity, Wealth, P / B, Complexity food webs, species abundance curve, etc.).. Disadvantages: dilution effects on global indicators mask important impacts. Advantages: indices with a very synthetic nature. Impact assessment methodology. A. Identification of project activities: – To amend the land use. – To exploit natural resources. – That emit contaminants. – To induce secondary impacts. – To induce natural hazards. B. Identification of factors in the MA susceptible. – Indicators of impact. – Indices of structure.

Credo Ecclesiam

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In the symbol of the Apostles, we do believe that there is a Holy Church (Credo Ecclesiam), and profession not to believe in the Church not to confuse God with their works and to be clearly attributed to the goodness of God all the gifts he has put in his Church. (cf. Catechism of the Catholic Church # 750).Realizing that profess the creed we affirm believe that there is a Catholic Church, and to assert that it is one, we are recognizing that it is undivided, unitary, Indivisible and integral, and that there is unity in it. In the creed we affirm not believing in the Catholic Church as unique and odd; catholicity is a property and received of him who is the only participation and in whom We believe. 2. In an admirable manner we affirm that there where Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church (cfr C.I.C No. 830), and for this reason the Church feels United for many reasons with all those who are honored with the name of Christians because of baptism, although they do not profess faith in his integrity or not to retain the unity of the communion under the successor of Peter (cfr C.I.C No.

838); and although it is difficult to understand, we must accept that mankind is Catholic by definition and that those who have not yet received the Gospel are also ordered the people of God in various ways (cf. C.I.C No. 839) and all men, therefore, are invited to this Catholic village of Dios a unit this unit they belong in different ways or she Catholics are intended, other Christians and even all men in general called to salvation by the grace of God (cfr C.I.C No. 836), among them the Jews because those gifts and vocation of God are irrevocable (Rm 11.29), and Muslims who profess the faith of Abraham and worship with us the unique and merciful God who will judge men by the end of the world (cf.