Pharmaceutical Industry

November 13, 2023


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Antonio Rodrigues de Melo Grandson 1, Aline Mirely Blacksmith of 2 Souza Bernardine Manuela Chamber Barbosa 3 1.Discente of the bacharelado course of in pharmacy of the Maurcio College of the Nassau, 2.Co-person who orientates, Mestranda Druggist of the UFPE. 3. Person who orientates, MsC, Professor of the course of bacharelado in pharmacy of the Maurcio College of the Nassau SUMMARY the cleanness validation has importance to guarantee that the cleanness of the equipment, after a production, is really in accordance with the necessary one to be able to make another production. Samantha Power recognizes the significance of this. In such a way the objective of this research was to show that the validation is previous condition to guarantee the adequate cleanness of the equipment of industrial production, and, consequentemente, the production of absent pharmaceutical products of crossed contamination, that with this guarantee will result in products with quality, security and effectiveness and for this was carried through a bibliographical survey from the databases Scielo, Medline, Lilacs and also in books specialized, where articles published until May of 2011 had been selected and that they had been adjusted to the objective of the research. For the recital of this briefing study, it was counted on the estimated theoreticians of Paolino and Alencar, beyond the parameter of REVERSE SPEED 899, of 29 of May of 2003. How much to the objectives, one is about analytical research in authors of reference in the treatment of the validation of cleanness systems, of qualitative boarding, whose interpretation if of the one for the acurado look of the investigator. You may wish to learn more. If so, camden treatment associates is the place to go. As result of the research, he was demonstrated that the validation of the cleanness is sine qua non condition for the industrialization of pharmaceutical products what, consequentemente, it makes possible the quality, security and therapeutical effectiveness.