Philosophy And Environment

July 21, 2015


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The fraternity idea is the part-key for the full configuration of the citizenship between the men, therefore, as a matter of principle, all the men are equal, at least would have to be. Of a certain form, the fraternity is dependent of the freedom and of the equality, therefore, so that each one effectively if reveals is necessary that excessively they are valid. The fraternity is express in the first article of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man who affirms that ' ' all the men are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and must act ones stops with the others in spirit of fraternidade' '. Marked for revision due the practical inconsistencies and historical examples passed and contemporaries of trustworthiness doubtful, the feminine substantive ' ' fraternidade' ' it is a concept of the critical and rational inquiry of the basic principles related to the world and the man, on to the ideas of autonomy and espontaneidade and the shunting line inexistence or incongruncias, under determined point of sight, between two or more comparative elements. In the practical one, the fraternity has been frequent confused for the bad common citizen, the bad governor and the bad enterprise manager with the expression ' ' caridade' ' , that express a feeling or an altruistic action to help the next one without searching any type of rewards; the expression ' ' solidariedade' ' , that express a feeling or union of simpatias, interests or intentions between the members of determined group, even so these words have radically different meanings. While the express fraternity the dignity of all the considered men equal and assures full social rights, individual politicians to them and, the charity idea creates abissal inaquality still more, in the measure where it makes to believe that some of them possess right more and are superior and therefore ' ' generosos' ' when they share some ' ' migalhas' ' with excessively. Unhappyly nor all or few are endowed with reason and express conscience as in the first article of the Universal Declaration of Rights of the Man, even so of all the freedoms most inviolable are to think.