Planning Elements

March 7, 2014


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They are nine elements of planning: Intentions What to make? Objectives What to make? Stated periods How much time Quality mentions quality to it when intend to reach how much to the intention of the planning. It says respect mainly, to the identity of the organizations or the object of the planning; it is also mentioned to the internal and external relations of the organizations. Amount mentions the amount to it that if it intends to carry through or to produce. One becomes related, mainly, to the resources and processes for the execution of the planning. How much to the objective of the planning: Of organizations and you would subsidize. Of projects? Of operations? Of commissions? An organization is an institution with definite objectives.

The objectives of an organization always are on to the supply of goods and services for satisfaction of the necessities and its organizacional mission in a vision inside of the target of its activities. How much to the detailing level? Strategical? Tactician? Operational the characteristics of a plan must be definite and to be of the knowledge of who participates of elaboration obeying to the complexity degree, level of detailing to reach the objectives that had been planned. Conclusion: I concluded that the goal of the sustainable development requires capacity of analysis of the ambient problems, identifying its causes and defining the actions to be carried through, in a general way; that it aims at criteria, standards of quality, economic and social development, in the measure where it preserves and it recoups the environment.