July 1, 2013


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19 May 2009-the current situation of the labour market is pushing many young people to broaden their training and this trend more evident in the maximum levels of the educational pyramid as in case of the masters and postgraduate programmes. So says it, Manuel Fandos, responsible for external relations at the company’s training Master-D for those who employability, i.e. the possibility of obtaining employment, is the main objective pursued by students who choose to the labour market and networking, or network of contacts and the specialization for those who are already working. Fandos believes that many young university students are in the masters and postgraduate specific and qualified training they need to continue to develop professionally and to broaden your chances of stand out against the competition within the labour market. Implementation of the Bologna process adaptation of the last steps of the academic training within the E.E.E.S.

European area of higher education, which advocates the Plan Bologna allows master’s and postgraduate courses to strengthen its position in the educational chain. For Manuel Fandos doctor in psychopedagogy in Master-D, masters and postgraduate programmes are consolidated especially as training that qualifies for professional practice specialized in his opinion the aim of the new plans is the learning of skills of all kinds and not merely the accumulation of knowledge. Education is not only about teaching to learning, but consists of learning making and for this the option offered by the masters and postgraduates, especially when they are linked to business practice is magnificent. The so-called Plan Bologna committed to the development of skills and competencies, in addition to knowledge and the masters and postgraduate courses themselves today as a tool that articulates these essential elements for the training of professionals. The MBA and the masters of technical and technological expertise in renewable energy or in European law are some of the most demanded today, in accordance with data handling Group Master-D. the first quarter of this year compared to last year has increased by more than 20% the volume of people have been interested in any of the masters and postgraduate studies the company offered jointly with the University Camilo Jose Cela. Despite the confusion that now exists regarding this topic and doubts that arise when candidates are wondering if the master by which questions official or not is, ultimately, stakeholders prefer depending on the quality of the master who aspire and this is determined, no doubt, by the reputation of professionals and institutions that taught him and real bonding, practices, with the professional field to which they relate ‘. Those who make this investment seek, above all, to link the theoretical knowledge acquired previously, with the concrete practice of the companies. Original author and source of the article.