April 10, 2014


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To write this article, I tried to undress to the maximum of my vestments of inabalveis certainties. I ask for to mine six readers who also make the same, read this text doing without its religious, social, cultural beliefs. If not to obtain to extirpar definitively, I ask for that the least momentarily FORGETS ITS PRECONCEPTIONS. It has more than one month little, necessarily in the date of 05/05/2011, ours Bigger Cut, the Supreme Federal Court the same recognized for unamimity the steady union between people of sex, the homoafetivas calls unions. In the practical one, differently of what many believe, the objective of the Supreme Cut was not to the same grant the right to the celebration of marriage between people of sex – what not yet it is allowed – but simply prescribed a ftica situation that occurred until then. From now, friends in lasting and public homoafetiva relation will have the same rights and duties of the families formed for men and women. He recognized himself, therefore, to exist one new modality of family, since until then our Constitution of the Republic the family formed for the marriage, the steady union and the monoparental family recognized only, who is that one formed by any of the parents and its descendants. The recognition of this fourth modality of family, formed for people of the same sex will go to facilitate to the distribution joust of patrimonial rights, using the words of the minister Ricardo Lewandowski goes ' ' to remove such relations that occur in the ftico plan of the legal clandestinidade, recognizing the existence of the legal plan fitting it in the including concept of entity famlia' '. Reading them to seem of the ministers of the Supreme one on thematic, two in the special one me had called the attention: Minister Fux Luis: ' ' The homossexualidade is not crime.