July 14, 2016


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The president of the assembly with his right hand pressed the button on the desk and immediately heard a noise like that produced by the external rings of the houses. The murmur caused by the conversation of all cliques declined in intensity and gradually came to occupy these empty seats where they had left handbags, wallets and cell phones. There were only a few people in the hallways and present that were shipped last coffee before focusing on the meeting. Other advantage to greet friends old times or to resolve issues deferred by the cares of the time. It was necessary that the President touched the button a second time for everyone to take their places. Yet two of those attending the two men, both middle-aged, slowly continued their animated conversation.

Already in the chairs, the greetings and talks continued its course. A thick-framed petite lady was desperate for his pen again, he had left in his chair before going for a glass water. Nobody had it in its row, as they did know after lengthy consultations he made with his neighbors in the four cardinal points. He sought his pen no matter who was postponing the start of the meeting. The president again press the button and, now, calm reigned in the room. The silence was only interrupted by the check from a paper cup on the floor and the sound of a plastic chair when he was shot forward. Half an hour after the announcement, everyone was ready for the expected start.